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We all know planning a wedding is a big project - and one of the most important ones of your life.  So many moving parts, it is hard to know where to start.  I believe selecting a color palette is the perfect place to start.  

Dating myself a bit (yes, we all know I'm on the older side, no need to laugh), do you know that movie Steele Magnolias (Julia Roberts, Sally Field, and many more greats)?  A few minutes into the movie the Shelby (Julia Roberts) describes her wedding colors as "two shades of blush and bashful" because "Pink is my signature color."  To that her momma  (Sally Fields) compares it to spilled Pepto Bismol.  You probably don't want to end up there, so plan ahead, include your "signature color" and find what will be best with it.

Color theory is a highly technical area of study, and I'm not expert  and certainly not qualified to go into details about it here.  But I found a resource that helps explain a bit about it to get you started.  Look here for that resource if you are feeling the need to be more educated about the technicalities.

If the technicalities overwhelm you and you want it made easy, here is a site that provides pre-made palettes that I have found helpful in the past.

Elements of Light MT2-8807_Elements of Light instaElements of Light MT2-8807_Elements of Light insta

Once you have an idea of what you want, you can confirm it by playing - yes, this is the fun part.  But be careful, it can become time consuming and obsessive as you have fun playing with different combinations.  I love this part of the process!  Take the photo above compared to the photo below.  Same bowl, same color scheme, different backgrounds (above is a soft textured fabric use for newborn shoots, below is a dark fur shawl I use for styled wedding shoots.  Changes everything, doesn't it!  

Elements of Light MT2-8813_Elements of Light instaElements of Light MT2-8813_Elements of Light insta

The main point here is play with what you have around the house in the colors you love and want to use.  Put things together, play with various textures in each color.  Spend a couple of days with these things spread on your desk top or table so you can live with it a little.

Elements of Light MT2-8764_Elements of Light instaElements of Light MT2-8764_Elements of Light insta

Take the time to know what your color palette is.  If you are using a wedding planner (I highly recommend it if you can), work with her to get it just right.  The time you spend on this step you will never regret!  

Elements of Light MT2-8762_Elements of Light instaElements of Light MT2-8762_Elements of Light insta


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