BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - The Flower Girl Shines

April 14, 2016  •  3 Comments

Amanda and William invited Ellie to be the flower girl for their beautiful fresh wedding and it was an amazing choice!  This 3 year old rocked the role like you wouldn't believe! Elements of Light Montana_1297Elements of Light Montana_1297


Elements of Light Montana_1328Elements of Light Montana_1328

Elements of Light Montana_1343Elements of Light Montana_1343

How a three-year-old can be cute and elegant all at the same time is beyond me.

Elements of Light Montana_1326Elements of Light Montana_1326

Ellie's mom is one of my best friends.  Sadly, she was not able to attend this wedding because she and her husband run a catering company and their business was having its biggest event of the year that day, as well as providing the food for Amanda and William's wedding.  So I was assigned to document each and every bit of Ellie's princess day - and believe me, it was a princess day beyond all measure for that adorable little girl.

There were preparations with the big girls:


Elements of Light Montana_1350Elements of Light Montana_1350

Elements of Light Montana_1351Elements of Light Montana_1351 Elements of Light Montana_1352Elements of Light Montana_1352

Elements of Light Montana_1353Elements of Light Montana_1353

Elements of Light Montana_1349Elements of Light Montana_1349

Elements of Light Montana_1317Elements of Light Montana_1317

Elements of Light Montana_1316Elements of Light Montana_1316

Elements of Light Montana_1320Elements of Light Montana_1320

Elements of Light Montana_1318Elements of Light Montana_1318

And special time with the bride:

Elements of Light Montana_1331Elements of Light Montana_1331

Elements of Light Montana_1332Elements of Light Montana_1332

Elements of Light Montana_1330Elements of Light Montana_1330

Elements of Light Montana_1334Elements of Light Montana_1334

Ellie even got her own little fashion shoot while the big people were doing bridal party photos.

Elements of Light Montana_1296Elements of Light Montana_1296

Elements of Light Montana_1322Elements of Light Montana_1322

Elements of Light Montana_1327Elements of Light Montana_1327

Elements of Light Montana_1324Elements of Light Montana_1324

And then of course there was the big and important job of preparing the isle for the beautiful bride!  This was the hard part for sure, and we had to practice it several times.  Each flower petal needed to be in a very precise place.

Elements of Light Montana_1335Elements of Light Montana_1335 Elements of Light Montana_1336Elements of Light Montana_1336

Elements of Light Montana_1337Elements of Light Montana_1337

It was a long time waiting for all the official business at the front of the church . . . .

Elements of Light Montana_1339Elements of Light Montana_1339

Elements of Light Montana_1340Elements of Light Montana_1340

But then, time to party!


Elements of Light Montana_1342Elements of Light Montana_1342

Elements of Light Montana_1345Elements of Light Montana_1345

Elements of Light Montana_1341Elements of Light Montana_1341

What a great privilege it was to capture this wedding from the perspective of the flower girl.  She is one of my very favorite little people, and I am so pleased I will always have the memory of this day with her.


Location:  Spring Hill Pres Church Bozeman and the old church in Spring Hill Community

Wedding Coordinator:  Time of Your Life Events

Caterer (and parents to Miss Ellie):  Food Studio

All of these photograph by Elements of Light Photography


Oh My Gosh! What a cute post! I love the photos and it bring from the Flower Girl's perspective.
Mahlia Dooley(non-registered)
Black and white photos are the so timeless. I really love the lifestyle photos of painting the nails :)!
Such a little stunner. :)
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