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Sunday mornings in downtown Bozeman are quiet after a night of friends out on the town

in a community that loves to spend time together having fun.

Such a unique and perfect opportunity

to walk around the usually active alley ways to catch a flavor

of the texture of this wonderful old town.

That is exactly what Emma and I did and the results are her for all to see.

Elements of light Montana_1869Elements of light Montana_1869

Elements of light Montana_1843Elements of light Montana_1843

We arranged a tulle skirt for her (read: I made it the night before), and found that hat in the top 

of one of my closets - perfect with her leather jacket and chunky boots! Elements of light Montana_1844Elements of light Montana_1844


Elements of light Montana_1845Elements of light Montana_1845

Elements of light Montana_1847Elements of light Montana_1847

Elements of light Montana_1695Elements of light Montana_1695

A sprinkle of spring sunshine (back when spring was being kind to us in Bozeman)

and we were ready to go.

Elements of light Montana_1848Elements of light Montana_1848

Elements of light Montana_1849Elements of light Montana_1849

Elements of light Montana_1851Elements of light Montana_1851

I've shot in this area before, but each time the textures and colors seem to 

offer a little something different - and special!

Elements of light Montana_1852Elements of light Montana_1852 Elements of light Montana_1853Elements of light Montana_1853 Elements of light Montana_1855Elements of light Montana_1855

It certainly doesn't hurt to have such a beautiful model

with those stunning eyes!

Elements of light Montana_1860Elements of light Montana_1860

I love the juxtaposition of Emma's beauty and poise with the urban

texture of these alleys.  

Elements of light Montana_1862Elements of light Montana_1862

Each business has it's own personality

reflected in its back door - sometimes I wish I could enter the businesses through those doors.

It would be a whole new perspective on what they do!

Elements of light Montana_1858Elements of light Montana_1858

Elements of light Montana_1863Elements of light Montana_1863

I met Emma when she was in third grade, and looking at these photos, 

a lot has happened in the past 8 years or so.  To state the obvious

she's grown into a beautiful young woman.

Elements of light Montana_1870Elements of light Montana_1870

Elements of light Montana_1865Elements of light Montana_1865

As you can imagine, I was thrilled when she responded to my model call!

Elements of light Montana_1842Elements of light Montana_1842


As the morning progressed we went with something a little more reflective

of the hope for summer that the warm sun provided.

Elements of light Montana_1859Elements of light Montana_1859

Elements of light Montana_1861Elements of light Montana_1861


Thanks for looking - I hope you feel inspired about looking beyond

the typical view to find a place to do your next photo shoot.  

The back roads and alleys of your town are probably

filled with potential!  Go out and find it - and call me to come along for the fun

because I love this stuff!


Leave me a comment telling me how you find inspiration in location and the character of a place.  

Maybe we can go there together someday!







What a fun session! Love her tulle skirt!
Amazing!!! I love it.
Stephanie Sutherlin(non-registered)
I love it! Those are the best sessions. The ones where you just walk around, relaxed, and find inspiration in your surroundings. Perfect!
I know I'm incredibly biased, but these photos are lovely! I especially like the black and white pics, they really show your mastery of light - highlights and contrasts. Thanks for giving Emma the opportunity to do this - she was absolutely thrilled!
Lori Stead(non-registered)
Beautiful girl and great light! Nice job!
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