TRYING SOMETHING NEW - Growth and change!

April 21, 2016  •  5 Comments

As a photographer there always has to be growth and change - really that goes with any artistic expression I think.  I started working this business as a "real thing" a year ago this month and in that year there has been much growth and change - experience causes assessment and assessment brings about experiments with something new, and experiments lead to integration of change.

elements of light montana_1473elements of light montana_1473

elements of light montana_1474elements of light montana_1474

Today I'm pushing myself to be a bit vulnerable and showing the public the experiment portion of this whole process. 

elements of light montana_1476elements of light montana_1476

The photos posted today came about because I was looking for a couple to photograph with a bit of that "sizzle" factor.  I did this last month too, and you can see the results here in a blog post from last month.  That was a very popular post, and the photos from that session got great feedback.  The focus there was primarily on posing.

elements of light montana_1478elements of light montana_1478

elements of light montana_1480elements of light montana_1480

So, today I'm sharing more sizzle, and this time I've added some differences from my usual photo processing - I played with them a bit as I prepped them.

elements of light montana_1475elements of light montana_1475

I'm still considering, assessing, and all this may lead to more experiments.  Truly a work in progress.  But I love that with this profession I can play with something new, be creative, and make changes.  Being a creative is by definition a work in progress!

elements of light montana_1484elements of light montana_1484

elements of light montana_1483elements of light montana_1483

A special thank you to Colton and Michaella for modeling for me!  Marriage suites you two!


Feed back on this new direction welcome - let me know what you think in the comments below.


Molly Sanchez(non-registered)
These photos are beautiful! I love the one of them laying down and cuddling. I know that it is a process to find a style that really represents you as a photographer so it is always fun to have a couple open to try new things! I think the session looks beautiful
Mahlia Dooley(non-registered)
These are great! I love the connection you feel between them :)!
Stephanie Sutherlin(non-registered)
I love this. It's so important to look back and see how far we've come.
Great post! It resonates with me as I'm also growing and experiencing new situations.
I love the black and white photo of the couple laying down, that's amazing!! Beautiful work!! It's always great to experiment and try new things!!!
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