BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Relationship between horse and rider

May 13, 2016  •  3 Comments

Elements of light Montana_2438Elements of light Montana_2438

Earlier this week I put out a model call for a horse photo shoot in what I hoped was going to be a fog event - the weather man had suggested it was possible given our unusual snow storm in mid-May.  But alas, no fog.

No complaints here because I still got a great chance to work with Kelly and her beautiful horse Ozark!

Elements of light Montana_2425Elements of light Montana_2425

I wanted to document the relationship between a person and their horse, and this was the perfect couple for that goal because in some ways Ozark is Kelly's hero.  I've shot horses before when my son was involved with Cowboy Mounted Shooting as a balloon setter.  But really, I was there to capture the kids who were balloon setters, and capturing the horses and riders was really more the side show for me and my camera. Elements of light Montana_2482Elements of light Montana_2482

Elements of light Montana_2485Elements of light Montana_2485

Kelly and Ozark made the perfect couple for this new experience of documenting a relationship between rider and horse, and they have a beautiful story!

Elements of light Montana_2478Elements of light Montana_2478

A few years back Kelly's husband was working very many miles away from home - for almost five years he did that.  She became largely a single parent to their two boys.  As it does for all of us, it called on her to set herself aside and give to her family in a way beyond what is "normal."  And she did it happily!

But with her love back home full time, she has had the opportunity to recharge - and Ozark is a huge part of that.  He helped her find herself again! Elements of light Montana_2426Elements of light Montana_2426 Elements of light Montana_2468Elements of light Montana_2468

Now Kelly is able to ride with the Bozeman Saddle-ites, although Ozark is just a little too old for that these days.  He just has too many joint aches to ride like that every week.  Even so, his bond with Kelly is so beautiful!

Elements of light Montana_2476Elements of light Montana_2476 Elements of light Montana_2469Elements of light Montana_2469

Elements of light Montana_2464Elements of light Montana_2464

How can anyone resist that beautiful face above!  Oh my goodness!  I'm not even a real horse person, and I'm swooning for that!

Elements of light Montana_2458Elements of light Montana_2458 Elements of light Montana_2455Elements of light Montana_2455

Without the fog we had a really bright sunny morning - even by 7 a.m. it was all reflection and squints and shadows.  But we worked our way around all of that.  With the help of the black and white, the story was not ruined by that bright sun!  I knew that as we were standing out there, and shot with black and white in mind.  But never fear, Kelly will also get some wonderful color photos - just not on Black and White Friday!

Elements of light Montana_2427Elements of light Montana_2427 Elements of light Montana_2443Elements of light Montana_2443

The Black and White conversion is perfect for a cowgirl and her horse!  

Elements of light Montana_2454Elements of light Montana_2454 Elements of light Montana_2441Elements of light Montana_2441 Elements of light Montana_2424Elements of light Montana_2424

Thank you Kelly and Ozark for a fun and beautiful morning.  I am so excited about documenting relationships between people and their horses, and you guys were the perfect start to this adventure!

Elements of light Montana_2460Elements of light Montana_2460


Beautiful. I love ask of the closeup details
Lori Stead(non-registered)
Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous! The one of her face pressed up to the horses face... eyes close... gave me chills! Excellent work! I have a friend who loves horses and works with them daily... I'm feeling inspired!
Love the angles love the black and whites awesome!!
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