SNEAK PEEK - First of the 2017 Seniors!

May 26, 2016  •  5 Comments

Headed out of town earlier this week to capture some spring photos of a Hannah, a Class of 2017 Senior - she wanted green grasses and knew where she lives that means an early shoot before everything browns up for the dry summer months!  Love that she planned ahead to get what she wants!

Elements of light Montana_2666Elements of light Montana_2666 Elements of light Montana_2686Elements of light Montana_2686 Elements of light Montana_2667Elements of light Montana_2667 Elements of light Montana_2668Elements of light Montana_2668

What a blast we had together driving around in her old 1984 pick-up truck jumping out to enjoy the sites and beauty of her home town!  

And who can resist puppies!   Seven week old lab puppies at her house - we only brought one along with us, but oh boy, those puppies might get their own post someday!

Elements of light Montana_2672Elements of light Montana_2672 Elements of light Montana_2673Elements of light Montana_2673 Elements of light Montana_2679Elements of light Montana_2679 Elements of light Montana_2680Elements of light Montana_2680

This girl has spunk and grace, talent and skill,  profound faith and an adventurous spirit!  And she showed it all in her session!  


Elements of light Montana_2675Elements of light Montana_2675 Elements of light Montana_2678Elements of light Montana_2678 Elements of light Montana_2674Elements of light Montana_2674 Elements of light Montana_2681Elements of light Montana_2681 Elements of light Montana_2677Elements of light Montana_2677

Hannah, it was a fun creative time together and I am so excited about the results! You are beautiful inside and out!  Can't wait to finish up this gallery, because there are more gems in there, I know it!

Okay, saving the best for last: She satisfied my love of photographing shoes with personality!

Elements of light Montana_2684Elements of light Montana_2684 Elements of light Montana_2669Elements of light Montana_2669

Need a Senior Photo shoot that relects you and the different interests and aspects of your personality?  I can serve all of the western states, just leave me a comment or connect with me through my website contact page.


Susan Sargentini(non-registered)
Oh oh oh. You are phenomenal!!! I thought I was missing her but you captured all her personality and I can hardly wait. Thanks for the eye candy. Love you
Tashena Shaw(non-registered)
Now this is a session to be proud of! Oh I just love everything about it. My Daughter even said she thought the young Lady was so pretty. <3
Amy Kolodziej(non-registered)
Love how true to herself she is in this session! Beautiful work!
Sarah Marie(non-registered)
Who doesn't want a puppy in their senior photos! I like the strong photo with her looking out and her foot is in the front. So much strength!
Oh wow! What a talented girl! She must be soon busy with all that lol.. you did a great job at getting what senior photos is all about! :)
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