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May 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Elements of light Montana_2602Elements of light Montana_2602

I'm celebrating a full 90 days of eating Whole 30.  And it really is a celebration.  I'm sure some imagine that what I get to eat on this program is pretty much the photo above.  

Although I did start this particular meal with the lettuce I get to add chicken breast, avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, tomatoes and fresh cilantro, with a smoky salsa for dressing.  Delicious, really pretty easy to put together, and it falls in line with my values about clean and healthy eating and clean and healthy food production.

Elements of light Montana_2601Elements of light Montana_2601


This lifestyle change is good for me!  l love how I feel, and gradually I'm losing weight.  I'm not saying everyone should do this, but I am saying that living within certain healthy and responsible practices is not as restricting as most would think.  It is certainly working for me.

The most amazing thing?  What I miss and crave the most is not the sugars - sure, when desserts are served to others I do miss and crave sweets some, but what I really crave?  The grains!  Some days I almost obsess on the idea of a bowl of brown rice and black beans - mixed with all the things pictured above and maybe a giant spoon full of sour cream.  When I feel that way, I eat potatoes and it seems to make everything all better.  Yes, potatoes are allowed on the Whole 30 plan.

So, for now, I'm continuing on with this Whole 30 lifestyle.  Who knows where it will take me!

If you have questions about how to do this successfully, feel free to leave a comment.  It really does work!


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