BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Emma In Classic Black and White Photos

June 10, 2016  •  9 Comments

Elements of light Montana_3619Elements of light Montana_3619

When you photograph people in color

you photograph their clothes.  

But when yo photograph people in Black and White

you photograph their souls!

Ted Grant

Elements of light Montana_3608Elements of light Montana_3608 Elements of light Montana_3607Elements of light Montana_3607 Elements of light Montana_3611Elements of light Montana_3611 Elements of light Montana_3609Elements of light Montana_3609 Elements of light Montana_3614Elements of light Montana_3614 Elements of light Montana_3612Elements of light Montana_3612 Elements of light Montana_3610Elements of light Montana_3610 Elements of light Montana_3616Elements of light Montana_3616 Elements of light Montana_3617Elements of light Montana_3617 Elements of light Montana_3620Elements of light Montana_3620


Urška Majer(non-registered)
Love these photographs and i love how b&w adds some kind of vintage feel to it! Beautiful!
vanessa hicks(non-registered)
These are stunning! I love black and white images, especially when done right!!!
Stephanie Sutherlin(non-registered)
Love this.
Oh my heart. I love black and white images. What a beautiful job you did!
Lindsie Grey(non-registered)
So natural and so beautiful. <3
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