BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Focus on Romance!

June 03, 2016  •  5 Comments

Romance comes in the form of a feeling - an ambiance or feeling to a place or setting.  It doesn't require two people in love to express a feeling of romance.

Montana Photographer_0619Montana Photographer_0619

And age is not always a factor either!

Elements of Light Montana_1324Elements of Light Montana_1324

Elements of light Montana_2231Elements of light Montana_2231 Elements of Light Montana_1318Elements of Light Montana_1318 Montana Photographer_0640Montana Photographer_0640

One definition of romance I came across is:  a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.  Ooooh!  I like that!

Elements of Light Montana_1295Elements of Light Montana_1295 Elements of light Montana_2018Elements of light Montana_2018

Sometimes the romantic ambiance is enhanced by the two people and how they interact with each other - really, it is their relationship creating the feel of the space!

bozeman portraits_0875bozeman portraits_0875 Elements of Light Montana_0929Elements of Light Montana_0929 Elements of Light Montana_1077Elements of Light Montana_1077 Elements of Light Montana_1123Elements of Light Montana_1123

Add in a little sexual tension (can you say that on a professional photography blog?) and Va Va Voom!  You got something really special there!

elements of light montana_1483elements of light montana_1483

Go out and celebrate romance this weekend!  So worth the effort!


Nina Lara(non-registered)
absolutely beautiful
Sarah Marie(non-registered)
I love the look of BW. So classic and love the prompt.
Wow!! Love all of the b/w images!! Sometimes b/w can just tell a story so much better than color! Way to go!!
Lori stead(non-registered)
Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous!
Your black and white series is so moving. I love these so much!
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