SNEAK PEEK - Emma After a Storm

June 09, 2016  •  2 Comments

Elements of light Montana_3591Elements of light Montana_3591

We were scheduled to start shooting at 7:30, but the 7:15 storm put a delay on it all - wind just wasn't compatible with our vision for this summer evening shoot, so we watched and waited until 8:15.  The reward was worth it!

Elements of light Montana_3594Elements of light Montana_3594


Even Sophie the cat wanted to get in on the photography action - she's pretty sure she belongs in any photos taken in this location.

Elements of light Montana_3604Elements of light Montana_3604 Elements of light Montana_3603Elements of light Montana_3603

Elements of light Montana_3600Elements of light Montana_3600


We had to get the shoot in before Miss Emma left to be a camp counselor for most of the summer, so it was stormy night or nothing. Elements of light Montana_3593Elements of light Montana_3593

Elements of light Montana_3597Elements of light Montana_3597

Thank you Emma for coming out for the beautiful part of the evening - it was worth it!

Elements of light Montana_3595Elements of light Montana_3595


Tyrenda Pentecost(non-registered)
Love the cat pics great work again!!
Barbara Pravetz(non-registered)
Beautiful girl, beautiful photography!
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