TRANSITION PHOTO SHOOTS - Lynsie Rocks the Concept!

June 13, 2016  •  4 Comments

Elements of Light Montana_3629Elements of Light Montana_3629

Being beautiful comes naturally to Lynsie  and that made it all the more fun to work with her as I'm introducing this new package of transition photos shoots.  For those of you who didn't catch the call on Facebook, this new project is designed to capture young people in that transition from middle school to high school.

Elements of Light Montana_3631Elements of Light Montana_3631

This time of transition is so beautiful in spite of its awkwardness - although really, not much visible awkwardness in Miss Lynsie!  Talk to her parents and sisters and you might hear a different story.

Elements of Light Montana_3625Elements of Light Montana_3625 Elements of Light Montana_3622Elements of Light Montana_3622

These aren't 8th grade graduation photos, and they aren't an early version of senior photos.  Although having these to juxtapose to senior photos will probably knock you socks off when you realize just how much growth and change takes place in High School.

Elements of Light Montana_3632Elements of Light Montana_3632 Elements of Light Montana_3621Elements of Light Montana_3621

 These sessions are playful documentation of a unique time of life where young people are working hard to be grown up but still have that playful giddy engagement in all things fun and goofy.

Elements of Light Montana_3626Elements of Light Montana_3626 Elements of Light Montana_3634Elements of Light Montana_3634

Lynsie told me her mom calls her a hippy child.  Smart mom!  Beautiful free spirit of a child!  Love the combination.

Elements of Light Montana_3636Elements of Light Montana_3636

If you are interested in one of these transition shoots for someone you know contact me through the contact page (button above).  If you know someone one you think would get a kick out of one of these shoots for their son or daughter, send them this link.  Over the next couple of weeks I'll be featuring a couple more of these - including a young man or two - so be on the look out for more of these exciting kids!


Vanessa Hicks(non-registered)
These are gorgeous! I love the meaning and theme of these photos! Still a girl...but becoming a woman!
Tashena Shaw(non-registered)
I just love this portraits session. Beautiful! <3
I absolutely love this. What beautiful imagery and a way to appreciate your child growing.
Molly Sanchez(non-registered)
The portrait of her sitting in the grass is killer! Love it!
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