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I know I'm not the only one for whom fall starts on the first day of September - and yes, I know that officially it starts later in the month, but this is just the way my mind works.  Usually I have to search for the physical signs of fall to reinforce my belief system about seasons.  But not this year!  I love living where the seasons are distinct - that's a big deal for a girl who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where seasons are sometimes hard to differentiate.

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Folks, this is my yard last night and this morning.  Really!  Fall has arrived - on a stiff wind apparently!  I guess we had enough cold mornings in the last week or so to stir the yellowing of the cottonwoods!  Labor Day Weekend is going to be a chilly one, but that's alright with me!

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Welcome September and fall!  I'm so glad you are here!  Now, to get on with my goals for the month -- its a great month to have goals!

My goals fall into all the typical catagories:  weight loss (trying to be realistic), fresh starts, transitions and business growth.  A couple of specifics:  5 pounds gone by October 1, blogging several times a week, rejuvinate my activity on my Facebook page (it has fallen off with the busy wedding season), practice practice practice with my new flash modifier (so excited to have that), marketing for a photography trip to California in October, and planning and setting up some mid-October family photo sessions.  

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Already on the schedule for September are 4 weddings (two this weekend), a couples session, a session with folks who are coming to Montana for a family visit, some photos of a couple of ladies training for their first ever body building competition (yes, photos of them working out as well as portraits of their accomplishments), and  of course all the normal meetings and day to day of normal life.

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And I will end with the sunrise this morning - - - It speaks for itself and hopefully the whole month!

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Oh these are stunning! I'm so excited for Fall here in VA!!
Man... i really wish the leaves changed here in the fall. :( Stinkin Florida
I LOVE September too! Lovely photos!
This is your yard?!? It looks gorgeous!
Molly Sanchez(non-registered)
Your back yard is beautiful and I love the sunset photo (Or sunrise?) Your goals are so obtainable! I hope all your hard work gets you there! Happy Fall
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