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It started with a conversation sitting in her converted shipping container studio.  And it ended in shear beauty - the earrings and the photos!

Elements of Light MT-9585Elements of Light MT-9585

Bozeman based silversmith, Cynthia Wadley interviewed me in preparation for our day together: What do I like?  What are my usual jewelry wearing habits?  What message does my look send about me?  What was I comfortable wearing - weight, dangle, swing, etc?   Did I have a specific use for the earrings?  And a whole lot of discussion of my personality.  A process of the artist collecting the information and a customer/client dreaming of the perfect creation.

Elements of Light MT-9583Elements of Light MT-9583 Elements of Light MT-9593Elements of Light MT-9593

Then, we both got down to business: Cynthia to the business of silversmithing, me to photographing a day in her work life.  What she does all day is beautiful, and here are the photos to prove it.

Elements of Light MT-Elements of Light MT-

Elements of Light MT-9825Elements of Light MT-9825 Elements of Light MT-9828Elements of Light MT-9828 Elements of Light MT-0789Elements of Light MT-0789 Elements of Light MT-9844Elements of Light MT-9844 Elements of Light MT-0820Elements of Light MT-0820 Elements of Light MT--16Elements of Light MT--16 Elements of Light MT--7Elements of Light MT--7 Elements of Light MT-0786Elements of Light MT-0786 Elements of Light MT-0088Elements of Light MT-0088 Elements of Light MT-0072Elements of Light MT-0072 Elements of Light MT-0474Elements of Light MT-0474 Elements of Light MT-0448Elements of Light MT-0448 Elements of Light MT--15Elements of Light MT--15 Elements of Light MT-0003Elements of Light MT-0003

Elements of Light MT-1512Elements of Light MT-1512

From my words to these earrings - the creative process is such a beautiful thing!  And photographing it was a fantastic experience!  We bounded over camera clicks and hammer strikes, forging a relationship that manifests itself in the only earrings I've worn since she presented them to me that afternoon.

So, what do you do all day that is beautiful and photo worthy?  Don't fool yourself by thinking you don't have anything this fantastic going on in your business:  Your small (or large) business, in Bozeman or anywhere in the US, is photo worthy - what you do all day is beautiful!  And you know, of course, that I would love to be the photographer!


Cynthia Out West Silversmith(non-registered)
My lifestyle and type of work has put me in line with the kindest and most talented people. Elements of Light Photography, Susan Beth Breuner, is one. She gave freely of her time and talent to photograph a process for which I now need to name! We spent some time talking about something that can be elusive..... who are you? Really. It may not seem difficult, but it's not who you want to be, how you think you're perceived or who other people think you are, but who YOUR heart says you've become as a whole.... from the things you like, things you've done and where your soul lives. Does the weather put you in a mood? What song have you loved the longest? If you could dress without judgement from anyone, how would that look? Tell me and let's let something take form. It might be something you never want to take off.
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