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Shooting senior photos based out of Bozeman, Montana, I get to shoot wide variety of themes for boys.  We've got so many different interests that can be pursued here, and the guys represent them all! 

Cowboys - check! 

Athletes - check! 

Outdoor enthusiasts - check! 

But urban in Montana?  Well,  yes actually, put a check by that too! 


I knew Mackenzie when as an elementary student he was already pursuing improv theater and dreaming of moving to a big city.  So when we sat down to do his pre-shoot consultation, I was not surprised at all that he didn't want to stand in a field, or have mountains as his backdrop.  In fact, he was at a bit of a loss as to how to do a shoot that expressed his "style."  But it didn't take long for us to figure out some locations and themes that were true to him.  We plotted and planned and realized we needed to ask permission from so local businesses to make his unique vision work.

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Mac went to his school to ask to use their theater.  I went to some businesses in town, including two quintessential Bozeman businesses: Treeline Coffee Roasters and The Country Bookshelf.  Between the two of us, we brought Mac an urban-artsy-hipster look for his senior photo experience, and satisfied his desire to express himself.  A huge thank you to those businesses for allowing this senior photo session to be fantastic!


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For those of you concerned about how intimidating it might be to ask a business if you can do your senior photos in their facilities, let me assure you, the businesses I have approached have always been thrilled.  They sometimes give some guidelines, but no body has ever been upset that I asked.  So, ask away.  The worst that can happen is you get a polite "No." and we move on to another option.  But this is Bozeman people!  The businesses want to help you if they can!


And Mac rocked the shoes!  Yes, my shoe obsession was so satisfied!  


If you are in the Class of 2019 and thinking about doing something that reflects you for your senior photo session, let me know. I can do Bozeman and the surrounding areas, but I also travel all over the West, and am happy to help you no matter where you live.



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