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PORTRAITS OF TRANSITION - Middle school to high school photography

May 17, 2016  •  6 Comments

bozeman portraits_0852bozeman portraits_0852

Photographers inspire each other all the time!  We stalk each other's blogs and Facebook posts looking for that next great idea.  Yes, I do that too!  Its just plain smart.

This week I'm introducing a project that was inspired by something I saw on my friend Ty Pentacoste's blog a bit ago.  

Go ahead, take the time to look at Ty's post - it is so beautiful!  Just be sure to return here and learn more about what she has inspired in me.

bozeman portraits_0857bozeman portraits_0857

First I have to admit, I was impressed by Ty's photos, but I was a little mystified by the concept - she was presenting a "graduation" photo shoot for a girl graduating from 8th grade.  Hmmmm, I have never been a big fan of making a big deal of that particular graduation - not thrilled about kindergarten graduations, and hated that I had to put my pre-schooler into a cap for the school's little "ceremony."  Guess I can be a bit of a kill joy in this area.

bozeman portraits_0856bozeman portraits_0856

However, I've been generally loving my work with middle school aged kids for photography, and I was so impressed with Ty's photos (did I already say that?).  So, the whole idea mulled around in my head a bit.  

bozeman portraits_0858bozeman portraits_0858

And you know what?!?  I'm realizing this is a perfect age for a special photo session - a portrait session in many ways because a photo is of someone, but a portrait is about someone.  And what better time in life to take a portrait about someone!

bozeman portraits_0853bozeman portraits_0853

Its really a perfect time - documenting this age of angst and growth and youth and energy!  They are working so hard to both grow up and hang on to their childhood, and they don't see any reason why they can't have and be both.  Gotta love it!  It is a time that requires grit and finesse, while courage and excitement are all brewing in a beautiful but messy concoction of life!  (Come to think of it, it requires grit, finesse, courage and excitement for the parents too!)

Elements of Light Montana_0889Elements of Light Montana_0889

So, what am I proposing?  

Not 8th grade graduation photos.  

No, still struggle with that focus on graduation from middle school - an accomplishment to be sure, but not enough for this time of life which is about so much more than finishing a segment of education.

Elements of Light Montana_0843Elements of Light Montana_0843

Instead, portraits of transition. 

Elements of Light Montana_0928Elements of Light Montana_0928

The "rules" for these sessions?  Well, pretty much the only rule is to be in that position in life of going from Middle School to High School - doesn't matter if that's through the public schools, at a private school, or in the context of homeschooling.  It is still a big time of transition! 

Maybe for some of these young people it is best done alone, in a special place to them, but for others its about grabbing a friend and making a big deal of each individual as well as their connection.  The point is to do it.  I guarantee you won't regret it, and as the years pass and you find yourself looking at Senior Portraits your appreciation for having done this will increase.

Elements of Light Montana_0905Elements of Light Montana_0905

This is a new idea, and this summer I'm offering these sessions at an introductory price:  $150 for a two hour session with up to two kids to be photographed.  All sessions will take place "on location" and I'll help you come up with a location if you don't have one in mind right away.


great session!
Your intro price is incredible for that amount of time & love! These will certainly book quickly
Such a great idea!! Every stage should be documented!
Tashena Shaw(non-registered)
SO cute! Love this session. <3
This is such an amazing idea!!! the leap from middle school to high school really is a rite of passage for so many teens! This will be wildly popular, I'm sure!
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