Elements of Light Photography | BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - A Beautiful Family Wedding Celebration

BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - A Beautiful Family Wedding Celebration

June 24, 2016  •  4 Comments

Elements of Light Montana_4010Elements of Light Montana_4010

Ashley and Jake were married in a small private ceremony in June of 2015, but last Saturday they had a big bash on their 1st anniversary inviting all of their family and friends to come and celebrate with them.  It was a cool and cloudy day at Ashley's family home on Flathead Lake, and it couldn't have gone any better!  Even the rain showers and one significant down-pour didn't discourage the joy and celebration!

Elements of Light Montana_3986Elements of Light Montana_3986

Ashley's beautiful dress highlighted her cute little figure - I think she actually referred to it as a "booty dress" - I'll let you decide exactly what she might have meant by that!

Elements of Light Montana_3997Elements of Light Montana_3997 Elements of Light Montana_3996Elements of Light Montana_3996 Elements of Light Montana_3998Elements of Light Montana_3998 Elements of Light Montana_3999Elements of Light Montana_3999 Elements of Light Montana_4000Elements of Light Montana_4000

Both Jake and Ashley are just in love with their niece and nephews, and after this day of utter adorableness from all of the kids, I think all of their friends and family were as well!

Elements of Light Montana_4001Elements of Light Montana_4001 Elements of Light Montana_3995Elements of Light Montana_3995

The merging of these two families was not really anything new.  These two met through their mothers who have been friends for 30 years - since going to floral design school together - and have kept in contact over the years.  So, when Ashley was 13, the families vacationed together at Flathead Lake, and the seeds of a romance were born.  As Ashley said, "no we didn't start dating then, I was too young," but the writing was on the wall for an exciting future of love and romance.

Elements of Light Montana_4002Elements of Light Montana_4002


Elements of Light Montana_4003Elements of Light Montana_4003

The make the whole day more meaningful, it was also Ashley's grandmother's 56th wedding anniversary that day.  Below are three generations of wedding rings, including Ashley's maternal grandmother's ring that was passed down to her mother.  I love Ashley's heart for honoring the generations that went before her!

Elements of Light Montana_4008Elements of Light Montana_4008

Ashley is so beautiful she made even the doorway to the bunk house glamorous and romantic!

Elements of Light Montana_4004Elements of Light Montana_4004

These are just a few of the black and whites - there will be another blog post next week with a colorful look at this fun and joyful celebration of marriage!

Elements of Light Montana_4009Elements of Light Montana_4009

Happy Black and White Friday everyone!  


I just love generation wedding ring shots!!
Carlin Anquist(non-registered)
That ring bearer is so cute! And all the little buttons on the back of her dress are so beautiful!
Molly Sanchez(non-registered)
Congrats to their 1 year anniversary! SO exciting!
These are stunning! I love her "booty dress"!! haha. Gorgeous!
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