Elements of Light Photography | BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Fun at Missouri River Headwaters, Montana

BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Fun at Missouri River Headwaters, Montana

June 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Elements of Light Montana_3889Elements of Light Montana_3889

Driving from Bozeman to Three Forks yesterday evening I just wasn't sure if we were going to get the light we wanted for this shoot - big dark clouds were threatening to block out any evening glow.  By the time we got there though, a bit of clearing in the west let the sun do just what we hoped for and Ava was aglow with beauty for her fun photo shoot!

Elements of Light Montana_3890Elements of Light Montana_3890

The Madison, Jefferson and Gallatins Rivers just as they converge to form the big Missouri; plateaus with cactus flowers blooming; and a field of mustard blossoms, what more could a photographer ask for!  Montana has so many beautiful places to take photos, but this one is pretty special.

Elements of Light Montana_3892Elements of Light Montana_3892 Elements of Light Montana_3891Elements of Light Montana_3891

This beautiful young lady mows lawns for extra cash and is an expert swing dancer (an activity that runs in her family!).  She loves to hang with her older sister and her friends, and she has a kind heart for all in need!

Elements of Light Montana_3893Elements of Light Montana_3893

Elements of Light Montana_3887Elements of Light Montana_3887

This portrait session is part of the Transitions Project, documenting through quality photography how beautifully young people go from middle school to high school - a time with so many opportunities for change and growth.  We often focus on the the bumps in the road they encounter, or the end product with your senior portraits.  This project purposely focuses on seeing the beauty and the fun in the process of getting there.

Elements of Light Montana_3888Elements of Light Montana_3888

Those fun glasses?  Courtesy of my sixteen-year-old son, who left them in my car - you never know when inspiration will hit!

Elements of Light Montana_3895Elements of Light Montana_3895 Elements of Light Montana_3894Elements of Light Montana_3894

Thank you Ava for battling the wind, looking hot when it was chilly outside, and really rocking this photo shoot and the whole concept!  You did great and I am so excited to finish up this gallery for you!

If any readers are interested in a Transitions Project photo shoot for your child who is about to be a freshman, contact me through the contact button above!  Or email me at elementsoflightphotography@gmail.com  I'd love to do more of these sessions!


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