Elements of Light Photography | BOZEMAN STYLED SHOOT PREPARATIONS - Love working with skilled professionals!

BOZEMAN STYLED SHOOT PREPARATIONS - Love working with skilled professionals!

June 14, 2016  •  8 Comments

Elements of Light Montana_3665Elements of Light Montana_3665

Last week I had the privileged opportunity to work with many creative professionals on a styled shoot for the Bozeman Chapter of the Rising Tide Society's Tuesday's Together.  We were challenged to put together a styled photo shoot that could not be a wedding, and we were to work together collaboratively - this organization wisely promotes collaboration over competition.

Elements of Light Montana_3687Elements of Light Montana_3687

While the photos from this event are beautiful - both mine and the photos from the 8 other photographers involved - today I am focusing on some of the behind the scenes of this event.

Elements of Light Montana_3669Elements of Light Montana_3669

This event was my first time working with Fumi of Fumi Makeup, who came to the Bozeman community relatively recently, but has already established herself as a powerhouse Make Up Artist.  (I also got to work with her this past weekend on a beautiful wedding).  Cannot tell you guys how impressed with Fumi I am - talented and very skilled, but most of all, a beautiful personality who brings a confident kindness to her work environment.  And all of our models looked stunning in the make up she applied!

Elements of Light Montana_3672Elements of Light Montana_3672 Elements of Light Montana_3671Elements of Light Montana_3671

It was also my first time working with Brook of Brooklynn Studio, another master of her craft who quietly styled each of our models into a heightened beauty that complemented what they brought naturally.  She generously opened her studio to Fumi, models and photographers, and then came out to the shoot site and kept working to mend any damage caused by wind or errant horse noses (yes, we had 7 horses involved in this shoot as well).

Elements of Light Montana_3673Elements of Light Montana_3673 Elements of Light Montana_3675Elements of Light Montana_3675

It was so fun to see the smile on Brook's face as she heard photographers and stylists rave about the beautiful job she did - so quiet, yet so important!  So glad she got the kudos she deserved!

Elements of Light Montana_3670Elements of Light Montana_3670 Elements of Light Montana_3677Elements of Light Montana_3677 Elements of Light Montana_3674Elements of Light Montana_3674

Getting married or having a special event that needs that extra bit of care and professionalism?  These two have my recommendation all the way!

Elements of Light Montana_3676Elements of Light Montana_3676

More from this fantastic photo shoot coming soon.  For now, here is a little sneak peek at some of the "finished product."

Elements of light Montana_3567Elements of light Montana_3567

You can tell a lot of work went into all of this - florist Wild Blume, and stylists History in the Making and Reed & Lee were all big parts in making this whole things a success and allowing all of us to collaborate in a way that let each vendor shine at what they do best.




I can't wait to see more photos! I totally miss Bozeman and can't wait for my trip back next year ♡
Oh I can't wait to see more!!
I really can't wait to see more! That sneak peek is just amazing!! Gotta love Community Over Competition! :)
Tashena Shaw(non-registered)
I can't wait to see more! <3
Looks wonderful! Can't wAit to see more!
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