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June 27, 2016  •  4 Comments

Elements of Light Montana_4147Elements of Light Montana_4147

Earlier this month a group of Bozeman area creatives got together and collaborated on a photo shoot for a challenge by the Rising Tide Society.  It was a blast!  Not only did the photos turn out wonderfully, but these people were fun to work with and really took care to allow each participant to shine in their own way!

The shoot was styled by the collaborative efforts of two local event planners:  Reed and Lee and History in the Making Special Events and what a great job they did!

Elements of Light Montana_4121Elements of Light Montana_4121

As with any good project, we started with the preparations.  We were blessed to have the services of Fumi Make-up and Brook Spain from Brooklyn Studios (hair)  They did such a great job of making our already beautiful models look their very best for this special occasion!  These photos were taken at Brooklyn Studios where Brook welcomed us warmly.

Elements of Light Montana_4123Elements of Light Montana_4123 Elements of Light Montana_4126Elements of Light Montana_4126

I had never seen the application of spray-on foundation before, so it was exciting to watch Fumi at work - someday I'll get my make up done like that just for the fun of it.  But if you are considering a local photo shoot, or are getting married, I highly recommend Fumi's services - she is wonderful!

Elements of Light Montana_4125Elements of Light Montana_4125 Elements of Light Montana_4127Elements of Light Montana_4127

Brook gave each of the girls a special look with their hair - and I loved the results for each of them - up dos, down and flowing, it all worked so well and each of the models was stunning.

Elements of Light Montana_4129Elements of Light Montana_4129 Elements of Light Montana_4124Elements of Light Montana_4124 Elements of Light Montana_4128Elements of Light Montana_4128

Both Fumi and Brook came out to the Big Yellow Barn with us as well, to keep the girls looking their best in the wind and sun as they were up and down on the horses.  Talk about service!

Elements of Light Montana_4130Elements of Light Montana_4130

Elements of Light Montana_4118Elements of Light Montana_4118

All of our horses were arranged by my friend Kelly Smith, a member of the Bozeman Saddle-ites.  While not all the horses and owners are Saddle-ites, some of them were.  And it was a wonderful collection of horses - so well behaved!  The models were able to move among them, lead them and ride them with no trouble at all, although prior to that evening none of them had ever interacted before.  Amazing what well trained horses will tolerate.

Elements of Light Montana_4160Elements of Light Montana_4160 Elements of Light Montana_4158Elements of Light Montana_4158 Elements of Light Montana_4159Elements of Light Montana_4159

The flowers for both the models and the horses were generously designed and provided by Wild Blume of Bozeman.  The detail put into these creations was amazing!  In keeping with the Montana and horses theme each of the head pieces and arm bands were made with leather ties keeping them authentic to Montana! Elements of Light Montana_4141Elements of Light Montana_4141

Elements of Light Montana_4162Elements of Light Montana_4162 Elements of Light Montana_4161Elements of Light Montana_4161

This beautiful couple (above) are married, and they had their beautiful baby boy with them for the shoot.  Their natural chemistry was such an asset to our whole event!  Not only are they married, they also are dance partners, which we were privileged to take advantage of as he lifted her and they showed off their beautiful connection.

Elements of Light Montana_4134Elements of Light Montana_4134 Elements of Light Montana_4148Elements of Light Montana_4148

Don't you love love love this beautiful floral armband?  I think such things should be a mainstay of our summer wardrobes!

Elements of Light Montana_4132Elements of Light Montana_4132   Elements of Light Montana_4146Elements of Light Montana_4146 Elements of Light Montana_4131Elements of Light Montana_4131    Elements of Light Montana_4136Elements of Light Montana_4136 Elements of Light Montana_4133Elements of Light Montana_4133 Elements of Light Montana_4137Elements of Light Montana_4137

The colors of this whole shoot were stunning - and the evening light spectacular.  But me, being me, I couldn't resist a little look at some of the photos in Black and White.  Love!

Elements of Light Montana_4138Elements of Light Montana_4138 Elements of Light Montana_4139Elements of Light Montana_4139   Elements of Light Montana_4153Elements of Light Montana_4153

As horses will be horses, they had a real affinity for the long grasses surrounding the whole event.

Elements of Light Montana_4142Elements of Light Montana_4142 Elements of Light Montana_4151Elements of Light Montana_4151 Elements of Light Montana_4157Elements of Light Montana_4157  

The Big Yellow Barn is a wonderful venue - I haven't had a wedding there yet, but I look forward to that opportunity coming my way some day!  The views of the Bridger Mountains are fantastic and the opportunities I've had to interact with the proprietress have always proved to be pleasant and enjoyable.  And although we did not use the inside of the barn for this event, it is a stunning facility!

Elements of Light Montana_4152Elements of Light Montana_4152 Elements of Light Montana_4140Elements of Light Montana_4140    Elements of Light Montana_4154Elements of Light Montana_4154 Elements of Light Montana_4156Elements of Light Montana_4156   

I cannot tell you how enjoyable this event was, from the planning stage through completion!  I loved the opportunity to collaborate and get to know other creatives in the Gallatin Valley!  And I will cherish these photos for many years to come.

Elements of Light Montana_4155Elements of Light Montana_4155

  Elements of Light Montana_4143Elements of Light Montana_4143 Elements of Light Montana_4144Elements of Light Montana_4144      Elements of Light Montana_4145Elements of Light Montana_4145

A list of those involved:

Venue:  The Big Yellow Barn

Florals:  Wild Blume

Styling:  Reed & Lee

             History in the Making Event Specialist

Make Up: Fumi Make up

Hair:      Brook Channing Spain of Brooklyn Studios






Horses:  Kelly Smith

             Diane Hoell

             Renae Jones

             Pat Brown

             Rosie Slater

             Samantha Flikkema


What an incredibly beautiful photoshoot to be a part of! Love the images here.
I love this styled shoot!!! I basically swoon at any and all images containing gorgeous women and beautiful horses! Well done!
Lori Stead(non-registered)
What gorgeous images! And what a brilliant way to network and cross-promote. The whole situation is just fabulous!
Molly Sanchez(non-registered)
The golden hour ones are definately my favorite. Love horse and owner shots
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