Elements of Light Photography | HAPPY SUMMER ENGAGEMENT SESSION! - Brittney and Justin in the Bridgers

HAPPY SUMMER ENGAGEMENT SESSION! - Brittney and Justin in the Bridgers

June 22, 2016  •  7 Comments

Elements of light Montana_3551Elements of light Montana_3551

These two - so fun and so quick to laugh!  It made this engagement photo session so much fun!  Their life together is going to be so full of laughter and joy, I can tell already!

Elements of light Montana_3538Elements of light Montana_3538

They met while bird hunting in the Bridger Mountains, so we took our session to that same spot just for the fun of it!  What a beautiful spot it was in late spring!

Elements of light Montana_3541Elements of light Montana_3541 Elements of light Montana_3542Elements of light Montana_3542 Elements of light Montana_3540Elements of light Montana_3540 Elements of light Montana_3543Elements of light Montana_3543 Elements of light Montana_3544Elements of light Montana_3544 Elements of light Montana_3545Elements of light Montana_3545

After a long week of work, time up in the mountains where the wild flowers were just emerging was the perfect way to relax together!  Plus that area is a phenomenal place for photographs, especially of such a fun couple!

Elements of light Montana_3548Elements of light Montana_3548

These two are not ones to sit around, so we did what they do best in the mountains - we walked!  And there was some teasing thrown in there too just to keep us all on our toes.  Then, we took a little break for some bubble blowing - they hadn't done it in years, but the techniques came right back to them.

Elements of light Montana_3488Elements of light Montana_3488 Elements of light Montana_3489Elements of light Montana_3489

It was a beautiful and warm evening, so more than anything, these two just enjoyed themselves!

Elements of light Montana_3490Elements of light Montana_3490 Elements of light Montana_3491Elements of light Montana_3491

Elements of light Montana_3546Elements of light Montana_3546 Elements of light Montana_3550Elements of light Montana_3550 Elements of light Montana_3547Elements of light Montana_3547

I am so looking forward to photographing Brittney and Justin's wedding in the fall and meeting all of their family and friends - given how fun these two are, their family and friends are going to be a hoot!


Sarah Marie(non-registered)
Love the black and white photos. The wine photos are fun too!
What a sweet photoshoot! I totally want to take a picnic up on a hill now too!! This looks relaxing and like so much fun.
Precious! Love the picnic theme! <3
Aw they are so sweet together!!
Beautiful engagement session! So sweet that you held it where they met, and what a gorgeous location to boot!
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