Elements of Light Photography | LOOK OUT HIGH SCHOOL, HERE HE COMES - Downtown Bozeman Photoshoot

LOOK OUT HIGH SCHOOL, HERE HE COMES - Downtown Bozeman Photoshoot

June 23, 2016  •  4 Comments

Elements of Light Montana_3951Elements of Light Montana_3951

This handsome young man came to sit in front of my camera because his mom answered my call for models - I was looking for young people spending this summer between middle school and high school.  She said her son was perfect for a shoot as he's handsome and engaging. She was right!

Elements of Light Montana_3962Elements of Light Montana_3962

Soft spoken and quiet at first, this guy captured my heart as we wondered around downtown Bozeman one evening last week and chatted along the way.  Once I found his love of his youth group and the fun things they do, the conversations flowed!

Elements of Light Montana_3974Elements of Light Montana_3974

He had never played with the kendama before, and as he caught the ball more and more frequently, his smiles got bigger and bigger!

Elements of Light Montana_3967Elements of Light Montana_3967

Doesn't he look like he's ready for high school?  And I'm thinking the girls are going to be ready for him too!  He's so handsome (I think I already said that, but it is so worth repeating!

Elements of Light Montana_3949Elements of Light Montana_3949 Elements of Light Montana_3979Elements of Light Montana_3979

Do you know a young man or young lady about to enter high school?  Wouldn't it be great to capture this time of transition in some photos personalized to them?  Shoot me an email at elementsoflightphotography@gmail.com so we can arrange something - the summer has just started, but before you know it, they will be headed off to that first day of school and you will wish you had done it.


Great images!! and great location! What a handsome fella
Tashena Shaw(non-registered)
What a great idea! Love these images too.
Kandama is so difficult lol! Great post and good luck in high school!
This is a fabulous idea!! Everyone focuses on the end of high school.
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