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Elements of Light Montana_4293Elements of Light Montana_4293

This handsome young man and I went for a little adventure at the Cameron Bridge fishing access earlier this month and had a great time together!  He is a fountain of knowledge about nature, and incredibly observant of his surroundings!  Loved it!  And learned a few things too!

Elements of Light Montana_4292Elements of Light Montana_4292 Elements of Light Montana_4290Elements of Light Montana_4290

He is also super polite, offering to carry my bag, and leading the way through the trails with confidence and being sure I was following along well.

Elements of Light Montana_4289Elements of Light Montana_4289 Elements of Light Montana_4294Elements of Light Montana_4294

I love working with kids this in this 10-12 year age group.  They have a lot to say and really appreciate being listened to and answering questions.  Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get them relaxed enough to start chatting freely, but once they get going they are so real and sincere!

Elements of Light Montana_4295Elements of Light Montana_4295 Elements of Light Montana_4296Elements of Light Montana_4296 Elements of Light Montana_4291Elements of Light Montana_4291

As much as they are working on being conversationalist, they still love to run and jump, and pretty much show off their physical skills!  And this guy has some of those for sure - he loves soccer camp and is quite good at climbing and jumping over things.

Elements of Light Montana_4299Elements of Light Montana_4299 Elements of Light Montana_4298Elements of Light Montana_4298 Elements of Light Montana_4297Elements of Light Montana_4297

As the session was ending he let me know he thought he'd need to go get some picture frames in order to accommodate the results of our photo shoot.  I love that - planning to print the fruits of our labor already!

Elements of Light Montana_4301Elements of Light Montana_4301 Elements of Light Montana_4302Elements of Light Montana_4302

Whether solo, or with a friend (see this shoot from earlier this spring), kids from this age group are perfect for fun relaxed photo shoots - they let so much of their personality show and are down to earth real - uninhibited throughout!  Summer is the perfect time to arrange a session for your tween kids!  Contact me through a comment below or through email (elementsoflightphotography@gmail.com) if you want to arrange a photo shoot with your tween(s)


Urška Majer(non-registered)
Such a sweet session :)
What a fantastic adventure y'all had! Love the candid images too
great job! boys can be difficult, but these images make it look so easy!
What a fun tween photo shoot! I love these!
Tween photo shoots are such a good idea! Most families tend to do newborn/toddler photo sessions and then jump straight to senior photos with only a few individual shots pulled from a family session in between. What a great way to capture them in their element! You did a great job capturing this young man as he truly is =]
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