Elements of Light Photography | BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Miss Ellie and Her Beautiful Horse

BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Miss Ellie and Her Beautiful Horse

July 08, 2016  •  2 Comments


So you may remember on Tuesday I blogged about Miss Ellie and her horse promising black and whites for today's post - I love when I get to be true to a promise, even the "little" promises of life.  So, here we go.

Great thing is since Tuesday's post I talked to Ellie's mom and got the full scoop on how her event went.  It is quite a story, with some drama, so hang on to your riding hats and enjoy!

Elements of Light Montana_4901Elements of Light Montana_4901

About an hour after I left the horse barn Ellie got to go in for her trials.  But, unfortunately, her horse didn't like the look of the arena, and began to back out, tripped on a rail and began to fall - scary stuff here.  Ellie was moving forward about to go over her horse's head when the horse appeared to realize Ellie's predicament, and caught itself, bent her front knee and gently lowered the dangling Ellie to the ground.  Quite a horse!


Elements of Light Montana_5377Elements of Light Montana_5377 Elements of Light Montana_5375Elements of Light Montana_5375 Elements of Light Montana_5374Elements of Light Montana_5374

Being only six, Ellie did what I would do at 51 and started to cry from the fright.  But, apparently she got it together and pulled off her trials with success - something I'm not completely sure my 51 year-old self would be able to do.

Elements of Light Montana_4897Elements of Light Montana_4897 Elements of Light Montana_4896Elements of Light Montana_4896 Elements of Light Montana_5379Elements of Light Montana_5379 Elements of Light Montana_5380Elements of Light Montana_5380

There was also a horse that completely threw it's rider that day, and the rider's foot got caught in the stirrup resulting in a kneed injury to the rider that will require surgery.  Seeing that also got to Ellie and she had some tears again - her heart is very tender and seeing another in pain was difficult.


Elements of Light Montana_5386Elements of Light Montana_5386 Elements of Light Montana_5385Elements of Light Montana_5385

But Ellie is a courageous young lady who loves working with her horse and she continues on!  The relationship between a horse and it's owner/rider/trainer is an amazing thing, and I love that the camera can capture so much of that.

Elements of Light Montana_5388Elements of Light Montana_5388 Elements of Light Montana_5381Elements of Light Montana_5381 Elements of Light Montana_5382Elements of Light Montana_5382 Elements of Light Montana_5384Elements of Light Montana_5384 Elements of Light Montana_5387Elements of Light Montana_5387


Can't wait for Ellie's next riding performance - hope to stay and catch the whole thing, and praying it is uneventful for her!

Elements of Light Montana_5389Elements of Light Montana_5389

All photos taken at the Epona Horse Barn and Arena in Bozeman


Ashley Eiban(non-registered)
Oh these are so beautiful and so special!! I love them!!
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I always loved B&W images, they convey emotions so much more easily. Great images :)
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