Elements of Light Photography | DETAILS COUNT - The Value of a Good Boot in Your Photo Wardrobe

DETAILS COUNT - The Value of a Good Boot in Your Photo Wardrobe

July 14, 2016  •  4 Comments

When a client first books a photo shoot with me, regardless of whether it is a family session, an engagement session or a senior portrait session, they often ask me about what to wear.  That is a loaded question, which I will be addressing over time.  But one thing I always hope for and advise them about is this:  Wear interesting shoes!  In particular, do you have a fun pair of boots?

So I will start the discussion of what to wear for your photo session with today's post about the impact of a fun pair of boots.

Big Sky PhotographerBig Sky Photographer What makes boots interesting?  That's a fair question!  Sometimes it is just the fact that the shoes are not expected with the outfit or the person.  A well worn and much loved pair of Doc Martin chunky burgundy boots with a delicate vintage yellow dress (see above) are not expected.  But the juxtaposition of this combination worked beautifully!  Even in this photograph where you do not see the model's face, you already have a sense of her personality - a little bit in your face, creative, bold, and confident are a few words and phrases that come to mind to describe someone who would wear this combo.  And those descriptions are so true of this young lady!


Sticking with the idea of chunky boots, check out these (above) which are absolutely beautiful.  When I saw these boots I have to admit, I was full on envy - I might or might not have even suggested that I could borrow those boots one day (I was a bit carried away with my love of these boots).  Perhaps they are not as "chunky" as the Doc Martins, but look at all that texture and color variation!  Wearing a pair of leggings tucked into them so that the boots really shine was such a great decision by this young, funky, and artistic model.  You can tell, just from her shoes, that she is going someplace!  A perfect message for her senior photos!

Living in Montana, I often see a variety of - you guessed it - cowboy boots.  I admit, there are times when they are over used, but the truth is, well presented, they can be an amazing accent to a photo shoot, even becoming the star of the shot for a few brief moments.  What I love is how a good pair of well worn cowboy boots can completely change the look of an outfit (more of that juxtaposition I love so much).

Elements of Light Montana_5921Elements of Light Montana_5921

This picture (above right) would not have attitude if the shoes weren't cowboy boots.  This was again a Senior Portrait  session, and the boots so helped to convey the idea of confidence and strength within beauty.  It definitely helped to round out the message of this photo shoot.

Bozeman Portriat photographer_0639Bozeman Portriat photographer_0639

But then look at what we did with that very same pair of boots - suddenly playful and relaxed!  And absolutely chuck full of personality!  

Elements of light Montana_2669Elements of light Montana_2669

And look at the beauty and strength of a true working cowboy boot - and another senior photo shoot! The picture says it all!  You know you are going to follow that woman and pretty much do anything she says.


Elements of Light Montana_1413Elements of Light Montana_1413

Boots and tulle, who knew!   But always a great idea in my book.

Elements of Light Montana_1092Elements of Light Montana_1092

Space and time don't allow me to cover every single type of boot out there, but I hope after seeing these photos and reading about the use of boots in your photo sessions you will consider including boots in your next photo session wardrobe selection.


This is so fun! I want some new boots now :)
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I love this!! This is great! I need a good pair of boots now :)
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