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July 11, 2016  •  7 Comments

Elements of Light Montana_5389Elements of Light Montana_5389

We are having a great and peaceful time here at the Breuner Farm south of Bozeman.  Seems that everybody loves each other!

After 5 weeks in a row of weddings, I have three weeks off, and while I will be processing wedding photos like crazy, I'm going to enjoy the chance to spend a little peaceful time with our farm occupants - after I go to the USA National Karate Tournament later this week, and before I take a week with my boys at Lake Tahoe.

Elements of Light Montana_5383Elements of Light Montana_5383

Maple and Frannie keep the aspen trees pruned to the perfect level so you can see Andy's art installation (the I-beam formation was his first).  The keep a few other bushes and brush as well.  Their tastes and our landscaping plan do not always mix perfectly, but we are all learning as we go.

Elements of Light Montana_5385Elements of Light Montana_5385

Elements of Light Montana_5391Elements of Light Montana_5391 Elements of Light Montana_5392Elements of Light Montana_5392

Tank is the great friend to everyone - sheep, cats, chickens!  He just loves them all! And they all love him (for a photo of Sophie the cat sleeping with Tank on the couch check out my Instagram at elements_of_light_photo.

Elements of Light Montana_5405Elements of Light Montana_5405

And this new little one - don't know if it is a boy or a girl, but we call it Sweet Pea - is being integrated in well.  She/he came with a buddy who unfortunately didn't make it through our first night as I didn't realize how cold it was going to be that night and didn't have the coop warm enough.  Won't be making that mistake again!  For now Sweet Pea lives in the basement bathroom for a couple more weeks - until there are more feathers on his or her back.  Everyday Sweet Pea makes a couple of trips up the stairs in Andy's hands, and out to forage and be more integrated with the rest of the group.

Elements of Light Montana_5397Elements of Light Montana_5397 Elements of Light Montana_5401Elements of Light Montana_5401

Sweet Pea isn't quite ready for Tank's affections, so Andy has to help Tank restrain himself.  Poor tank loves on all our chickens, but Sweet Pea is just a little too small for his big nose to be sniffing her and nuzzling her - he could easily crush poor Sweet Pea.

Elements of Light Montana_5418Elements of Light Montana_5418 Elements of Light Montana_5423Elements of Light Montana_5423

Today I was at a nearby chicken farm, and picked out 6 more chicks, who will come the first week in August.  Love it!  I will be posting updates on the wedding photos from the past few weeks as well as photos from the two big adventures that will take up much of the next three weeks.  I'm sure in there we will have some updates on all these beautiful creatures!


Aww.... I want a farm!!! I'm so jealous! And holy moly... that chicken is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Love it.
Ashley Eiban(non-registered)
This is so fun!! Love that you're following these passions!!!
What a fun life! Enjoy your farm and animals!
Sarah Marie(non-registered)
Love that you have varied passions: photography, farming and karate. Have a great trip.
I really want to get chickens now after seeing this blog post. Such a beautiful way to document your life around you
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