Elements of Light Photography | FUN FAMILY SESSION - Downtown Bozeman

FUN FAMILY SESSION - Downtown Bozeman

July 07, 2016  •  7 Comments

Elements of Light Montana_5206Elements of Light Montana_5206

This fun little family lives over seas but were home for a period last month.  Pete had arranged way back at Mother's Day for a photography session gift certificate - and  we got to put it to good use!  Just to add to the fun, Pete arranged for Krista's sister to join us.  After some thought and brainstorming, they decided to spend an early morning in Downtown Bozeman for this session, and I think it was a great decision!

Elements of Light Montana_5219Elements of Light Montana_5219

Oh my gosh, this little guy was so cute - happy the whole time!  So sweet.  If I weren't carrying a camera round I would have wanted to just hold him and snuggle him for hours!  And watch his facial expressions - wonderful!

Elements of Light Montana_5209Elements of Light Montana_5209 Elements of Light Montana_5238Elements of Light Montana_5238 Elements of Light Montana_5241Elements of Light Montana_5241 Elements of Light Montana_5231Elements of Light Montana_5231 Elements of Light Montana_5217Elements of Light Montana_5217

We loved hanging out with the texture and colors of Downtown.  From parks to brick walls to parking structures there are so many options!

Elements of Light Montana_5254Elements of Light Montana_5254 Elements of Light Montana_5249Elements of Light Montana_5249 Elements of Light Montana_5266Elements of Light Montana_5266

We spend a little bit of time on Main Street, early enough in the morning that it wasn't very busy.  But most of our time was in the side streets and alley ways.

Elements of Light Montana_5275Elements of Light Montana_5275 Elements of Light Montana_5262Elements of Light Montana_5262 Elements of Light Montana_5293Elements of Light Montana_5293 Elements of Light Montana_5274Elements of Light Montana_5274 Elements of Light Montana_5290Elements of Light Montana_5290 Elements of Light Montana_5280Elements of Light Montana_5280

Here he is, king of their hearts!  I can't get over how cute he is!

Elements of Light Montana_5302Elements of Light Montana_5302 Elements of Light Montana_5311Elements of Light Montana_5311

And Pete and Krista are adorable as a couple - so many smiles for each other, and the sizzle of being a couple shines through!

Elements of Light Montana_5322Elements of Light Montana_5322 Elements of Light Montana_5329Elements of Light Montana_5329 Elements of Light Montana_5342Elements of Light Montana_5342 Elements of Light Montana_5340Elements of Light Montana_5340

These two sisters - beautiful!  So glad Auntie got to come along and enjoy time with her sister - and her nephew too!

Elements of Light Montana_5295Elements of Light Montana_5295 Elements of Light Montana_5343Elements of Light Montana_5343

Had to stop for little guy to get a snack . . . but then we were right back at the photos!

Elements of Light Montana_5365Elements of Light Montana_5365 Elements of Light Montana_5348Elements of Light Montana_5348 Elements of Light Montana_5364Elements of Light Montana_5364 Elements of Light Montana_5358Elements of Light Montana_5358

See the shirt he's wearing below - that is the state of North Dakota making the "O", but way up at the top, his little shirt has the state of Montana on it.  Might just be a little competition from the extended families as to which state he should call home when he's in the USA.  Little guy may just have a happy case of divided loyalty!

Elements of Light Montana_5373Elements of Light Montana_5373


Sarah Marie(non-registered)
Great family session. That little guy is so cute. Sometimes family sessions with small children can be tricky but he seemed to do wonderfully!
Such a sweet family! And he is a cutie!
Elisa Kate(non-registered)
I love family sessions and this one was beautifully captured, great work !
Tashena Shaw(non-registered)
I just love that little face... Such a cute family session!
What an adorable little family! He is such a cutie! Love all these photos.
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