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July 04, 2016  •  4 Comments

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I love living in the United States and appreciate the privilege of our rights and freedoms that really are unique around the world.  What a gift grow up under a constitution that allows me to worship freely.  There are so many other freedoms, and I do appreciate them all, but for me our religious freedoms are the most precious.  The 4th of July holiday is a great day to reflect on these freedoms and how they impact our lives.  Leave me a comment telling me what your most valuable freedom is - no judgment based on our choices, just an opportunity to express our appreciation of our freedoms.

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Ashley Eiban(non-registered)
Happy 4th of July to you! I hope you enjoyed your day!!
Happy 4th of July!!! One of my favorite holidays to truly appreciate the wonderful country we live in!
I love that as a women there are so many opportunities in the US. Happy 4th of July!
Happy 4th of July! We do live in a great country!
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