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July 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

Elements of Light Montana_5961Elements of Light Montana_5961

I love to travel and am so thankful for the opportunities!  This past almost a week in Pittsburgh was wonderful! And next week in Tahoe will be fantastic, I'm sure of it.  But this four days at home - precious!  I love it!

Elements of Light Montana_5959Elements of Light Montana_5959

Home is where I can rejuvenate, fill my cup, let my hair down, relax.  But more importantly, it is where I can take the new information, ideas and inspiration I got on my trip, and make a plan to implement - and if I'm lucky, begin to put those plans into action immediately.  All of that gives me a huge charge!

Elements of Light Montana_5964Elements of Light Montana_5964

For me this time around, I can't wait to create a project with succulents - saw these on the sidewalk outside a florist shop in Pittsburgh.  I love them, and I love them in bulk.  Have a couple ideas, but you can bet my living room will have a something-something hanging on the wall or from the ceiling full of succulents!

What charges your batteries with respect to inspiration?


Ashley Eiban(non-registered)
downtime is always so important! i so look forward to relaxing weekends at home! hope you enjoyed!!
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