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Let me start right up front with this:  I have never been to a wedding as a guest or as a photographer that was so full of kindness and love.  Really!

Elements of Light Montana_5850Elements of Light Montana_5850

We had only communicated via email prior to their wedding day, but as soon as I met each of these beautiful people it was warmth and friendliness.  They were coming from Arizona for a destination wedding and the excitement for everything from the place to their friends and family to each other was almost touchable.

I met for the first time them as they were about to have their first look.  As Lisa got out of her sister's car she came up to me, gave me a hug and handed me a beautiful pair of ear rings she had made - they matched with the various ones she had made for her brides maids and some of her very special friends.  So, I started my wonderful day with them with a heart of gratitude and taking a moment to change my ear rings!

Elements of Light Montana_5852Elements of Light Montana_5852

Lisa was stunning - everything was dripping in elegant simplicity, from her dress to her hair to her flowers.  I've said it before, but I'm saying it again as whole heartedly as I can - Loved the succulents! In her hair, on the tables, for the bouquets!  All put together by her brides maid Laura in a stunning way!

Elements of Light Montana_5853Elements of Light Montana_5853


Elements of Light Montana_5912Elements of Light Montana_5912 Elements of Light Montana_5911Elements of Light Montana_5911

Elements of Light Montana_5913Elements of Light Montana_5913 Elements of Light Montana_5915Elements of Light Montana_5915 Elements of Light Montana_5914Elements of Light Montana_5914 Elements of Light Montana_5910Elements of Light Montana_5910 Elements of Light Montana_5916Elements of Light Montana_5916

Then it was right out onto the golf course for some fun couple photos - Lisa scheduled a full hour for these couple photos, and I cannot tell you how much that paid off.  Allowed us to travel around the golf course to capture the mountain views that Lisa expressed were so important to her.

Elements of Light Montana_5848Elements of Light Montana_5848 Elements of Light Montana_5849Elements of Light Montana_5849 Elements of Light Montana_5854Elements of Light Montana_5854

As I keep saying, LOVE the succulents!

Elements of Light Montana_5857Elements of Light Montana_5857 Elements of Light Montana_5851Elements of Light Montana_5851

Elements of Light Montana_5877Elements of Light Montana_5877

These two have lived some pretty exciting and meaningful lives so far as evidenced by how they met - in the Peace Corps.  But it gets better.  They met in Zambia when she arrived for her 2 year commitment and he only had 2 weeks left on his commitment.  That was 9 years ago.  According the the various speeches at the reception, it was not easy to get Lisa to settle down in one place with one guy as she took the commitment to be his girlfriend very serious - sought the counsel of the many wise people who have come into her life over the years to determine if she was ready to balance a beautiful relationship with all the work she was doing to be kind and caring towards the world.  But Rich was persistent and persuasive and successful!

Elements of Light Montana_5879Elements of Light Montana_5879

With that background, it is no surprise they have many many friends - as mentioned above, a kind group of people for sure!  9 attendants on a side, and it was fabulous!

Elements of Light Montana_5878Elements of Light Montana_5878 Elements of Light Montana_5880Elements of Light Montana_5880 Elements of Light Montana_5881Elements of Light Montana_5881

Their families (below) were beautiful as well as wonderful in every way.  You will never find two sisters as close and loving as Lisa and Linsey!  It was a thrill to be around them!

Elements of Light Montana_5883Elements of Light Montana_5883

Because Lisa was so generous with her schedule, we had the time to go back out around the golf course and play in a field of grass with more of those beautiful mountains as a back drop.

Elements of Light Montana_5858Elements of Light Montana_5858 Elements of Light Montana_5860Elements of Light Montana_5860 Elements of Light Montana_5859Elements of Light Montana_5859

Lisa's dad passed away a couple years ago, so her mom walked her down the isle - a brave and beautiful gesture.  Lisa's father was sorely missed, but well honored and remembered throughout the day.

Elements of Light Montana_5861Elements of Light Montana_5861

To mark the merging of these two families, both Rich's parents and Lisa's mom began the ceremony by pouring sands to mix together and signify a new, fresh and beautiful unity among them all.

Elements of Light Montana_5862Elements of Light Montana_5862 Elements of Light Montana_5863Elements of Light Montana_5863 Elements of Light Montana_5865Elements of Light Montana_5865 Elements of Light Montana_5866Elements of Light Montana_5866 Elements of Light Montana_5867Elements of Light Montana_5867 Elements of Light Montana_5868Elements of Light Montana_5868 Elements of Light Montana_5869Elements of Light Montana_5869

That man was one happy dude!  He was so excited to be married to Lisa - and it is easy to imagine why!

Elements of Light Montana_5870Elements of Light Montana_5870

And then the partying began!

Elements of Light Montana_5888Elements of Light Montana_5888 Elements of Light Montana_5889Elements of Light Montana_5889 Elements of Light Montana_5887Elements of Light Montana_5887 Elements of Light Montana_5890Elements of Light Montana_5890 Elements of Light Montana_5882Elements of Light Montana_5882 Elements of Light Montana_5891Elements of Light Montana_5891 Elements of Light Montana_5893Elements of Light Montana_5893 Elements of Light Montana_5894Elements of Light Montana_5894 Elements of Light Montana_5896Elements of Light Montana_5896 Elements of Light Montana_5895Elements of Light Montana_5895 Elements of Light Montana_5898Elements of Light Montana_5898 Elements of Light Montana_5899Elements of Light Montana_5899 Elements of Light Montana_5901Elements of Light Montana_5901 Elements of Light Montana_5900Elements of Light Montana_5900 Elements of Light Montana_5902Elements of Light Montana_5902 Elements of Light Montana_5897Elements of Light Montana_5897 Elements of Light Montana_5892Elements of Light Montana_5892 Elements of Light Montana_5903Elements of Light Montana_5903 Elements of Light Montana_5908Elements of Light Montana_5908 Elements of Light Montana_5904Elements of Light Montana_5904 Elements of Light Montana_5907Elements of Light Montana_5907 Elements of Light Montana_5906Elements of Light Montana_5906 Elements of Light Montana_5909Elements of Light Montana_5909 Elements of Light Montana_5905Elements of Light Montana_5905

Lisa and Rich, you bring a light and joy to the world that shines across the boundaries of states and countries!  You touch people in an amazing way!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!


Urška Majer(non-registered)
What a lovely wedding!
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looks like this was such a fun wedding!!
Oh my! That location is STUNNING! What a gorgeous wedding, and they look like a couple of sweethearts.
Sarah Marie(non-registered)
So much fun! The ruching on that dress is perfect.
Lindsie Grey(non-registered)
Beautiful. Love how you captured their love.
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