Elements of Light Photography | BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Jin-Ju and John Rocked It!

BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Jin-Ju and John Rocked It!

August 19, 2016  •  4 Comments

Elements of Light Montana_9677Elements of Light Montana_9677

A playful opportunity in your wedding clothes?  Yes Please!

Elements of Light Montana_9669Elements of Light Montana_9669 Elements of Light Montana_9671Elements of Light Montana_9671

Loved having these two in my backyard for a day after the wedding shoot!  They rocked it, don't you think!

Elements of Light Montana_9668Elements of Light Montana_9668 Elements of Light Montana_9672Elements of Light Montana_9672

John and Jin-Ju are so full of joy and playfulness!  It was contagious - made my week for sure!  Don't you love when you get the chance to work with people who spread light wherever they go!

Elements of Light Montana_9667Elements of Light Montana_9667 Elements of Light Montana_9670Elements of Light Montana_9670

I love capturing those moments in between, where they are being themselves - photo of real life hold a special place in my life.  Below I asked them to walk to a certain place, and just watching how they do that was inspiring.

Elements of Light Montana_9678Elements of Light Montana_9678

With these two, every moment is worthy of a capture.  Next week I'll show you some of the color photos from this extra session - but since this is Friday, today we're limited to the black and whites.  

Elements of Light Montana_9682Elements of Light Montana_9682


Sarah Marie(non-registered)
stunning black and white day after photos.
I love the "day-after-the-wedding" idea! I want to get married all over again (to my husband, of course) when I see fun things like this. I love it!
So pretty! I love black and white images!
Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro(non-registered)
Great photos and nice presentation. Looks like everyone really enjoyed the day.
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