Elements of Light Photography | DAY AFTER THE WEDDING SESSION - Love the Relaxed Pace & Ease of This Photo Opportunity

DAY AFTER THE WEDDING SESSION - Love the Relaxed Pace & Ease of This Photo Opportunity

August 24, 2016  •  4 Comments

Elements of Light Montana_9664Elements of Light Montana_9664

This playful couple were so fun on their wedding day, but because of circumstances beyond our control, they weren't able to do all of the bridal couple shots they wanted on their big day.  So, they came to my house the next day and we had some fun with it!

Elements of Light Montana_9674Elements of Light Montana_9674

Elements of Light Montana_9662Elements of Light Montana_9662

Yes, that means that big old barn that lists to the East is my barn - broken windows and all.  Love that thing, and pray it through every winter hoping that it continues to stand - I'm always afraid the roof will fall in, but that's another story.

Elements of Light Montana_9663Elements of Light Montana_9663

Jin-Ju and John are an amazing couple to work with - so natural in front of the camera.  They literally start dancing without prompting because that is who they are!  And with a dress like that, what woman wouldn't want to dance and twirl?  

Elements of Light Montana_9660Elements of Light Montana_9660 Elements of Light Montana_9661Elements of Light Montana_9661

And John, ah, John!  You can tell he's completely smitten by his bride and wants nothing more than to be right there as close to her as possible!

Elements of Light Montana_9665Elements of Light Montana_9665 Elements of Light Montana_9666Elements of Light Montana_9666

The sun graces them perfectly, don't you thing?  They are an international couple, with international family, international jobs, international friends!  More on that when I post their wedding next week, but suffice it to say, it was a beautiful reflection of cultures and joyful celebration of diversity and comradery! 

Elements of Light Montana_9673Elements of Light Montana_9673

I loved doing this relaxed and fun session, and love the results!  May have to do more of these day after sessions when possible.

Elements of Light Montana_9676Elements of Light Montana_9676


What a sweet couple! Gorgeous photos- again, I love your use of lighting and I like the vibrancy in these photos. And, hello! What a beautiful barn! Good luck this winter!
They are adorable and i LOVE her dress, it's perfect!
The day after idea is such a great one! Not worried about "messing up the dress" and you're already married and with no (foreseeable) time limits (aka- no waiting guests). I. Love. This. Idea. Can I get married again?
Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro(non-registered)
Great photos. Looks like a fun day. Beautiful setting.
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