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Elements of Light Montana_8661Elements of Light Montana_8661

When I asked what hashtag to use for their Red Lodge, Montana wedding, with a twinkle in his eye, Rich said #lisagotrich.  You know there is a story behind that!  But I'm going to tell you, it was clear at the wedding that Rich got Lisa - after a long wooing and pursuing!

Elements of Light Montana_9324Elements of Light Montana_9324

They met in the Peace Corps - yeah, she arrived in an African country two weeks before he left that same country.  Two weeks folks, and he was smitten!  Two years later, she came home to the states and he connected with her and the pursuit was on.  A relationship developed, but she was slow and cautious.  From the stories I heard, it took quite a bit of time to convince her to commit to calling it a relationship.  But, over 7 years later, here they were, getting married in a special Montana place.

Elements of Light Montana_8712Elements of Light Montana_8712 Elements of Light Montana_8711Elements of Light Montana_8711

Lisa is an art teacher, and the influence of art was evident throughout the wedding - her details were simple, elegant and stunning!   She even made earrings for each of the women involved in her big day - including me, and I have to say, I was impressed! 

Lisa's beautiful flower choices fed right into my love affair with succulents - be still my heart!  One of her friends put these bouquets together using her professional florist skills - they were a perfect match for everything about this wedding.

Elements of Light Montana_8548Elements of Light Montana_8548

Lisa and Rich don't live in Montana, but Lisa has some amazing connections here.  This destination wedding was at the Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course in the little town of Red Lodge, Montana.  Lisa was born in that area, has family there, and her father, who she lost just a few short years ago, is buried there.  This beautiful place was filled with meaning and connection and ideal for beginning a new phase of this relationship!  That is Lisa and her dad in the photo below - he was there in spirit, no question about it!  I loved how this family honored him throughout the event!

Elements of Light Montana_8688Elements of Light Montana_8688

These rings, made from wood from Hawaii, impressed me beyond belief.  Oh, like most girls, I'm a fan of diamonds and gems, so I was surprised at how enthralled and moved I was by the beauty of this simplicity.  So practical and yet so luxurious these are!  And placed on the origami butterflies that honor Rich's Japanese heritage so well, they are perfection!

Elements of Light Montana_8691Elements of Light Montana_8691

Probably my favorite part of any wedding day is the time I get to spend with a couple taking photos of just the two of them.  This was no exception.  We hopped in a golf cart and went out and about to get photos of some of the stunning views this venue had to offer.  Well worth the effort - and, a time to get to know each other a little bit!  Not only do I love to photograph relationships, but I love to make friendships as well, and that is what happened here.

Elements of Light Montana_9326Elements of Light Montana_9326

Elements of Light Montana_8493Elements of Light Montana_8493

Elements of Light Montana_8527Elements of Light Montana_8527 Elements of Light Montana_8653Elements of Light Montana_8653

Elements of Light Montana_9325Elements of Light Montana_9325 Elements of Light Montana_9331Elements of Light Montana_9331

Elements of Light Montana_8516Elements of Light Montana_8516

As you might imagine based on their adventurous spirit of service (remember the Peace Corps commitment?), Lisa and Rich have collected some amazing friends along the way.  When I first heard they would each have nine attendants (yes, nine each means 18), I was honestly a bit intimidated - how was I going to pose all those people?  But when I got there and began to meet these folks, it was clear that each and every one of them belonged there!  All of them were beautiful on the inside and out!  

Elements of Light Montana_8568Elements of Light Montana_8568

The only regret I have is not having the time to sit and hear each of them  tell their story - they were that kind of people where you want to be engrossed in their stories and their lives.  

Elements of Light Montana_9329Elements of Light Montana_9329

And their connections with Lisa and Rich as well as with each other were absolutely amazing!  Some were meeting for the first time, but by the end of the day they were fast friends!

Elements of Light Montana_9330Elements of Light Montana_9330

Lisa and Rich elected to have Lisa's aunt, who is a licensed wedding officiant in Montana, perform their ceremony.  It was filled with meaning, song, love and laughter!

Elements of Light Montana_8810Elements of Light Montana_8810 Elements of Light Montana_8814Elements of Light Montana_8814 Elements of Light Montana_8825Elements of Light Montana_8825 Elements of Light Montana_8878Elements of Light Montana_8878 Elements of Light Montana_8861Elements of Light Montana_8861 Elements of Light Montana_8833Elements of Light Montana_8833 Elements of Light Montana_8871Elements of Light Montana_8871 Elements of Light Montana_8889Elements of Light Montana_8889 Elements of Light Montana_5886Elements of Light Montana_5886 Elements of Light Montana_5885Elements of Light Montana_5885

And then, the partying started in earnest!  Great food, beautiful company, funny and poignant speeches, laughter, dancing and playing galore!

Elements of Light Montana_9328Elements of Light Montana_9328

Elements of Light Montana_9102Elements of Light Montana_9102 Elements of Light Montana_9103Elements of Light Montana_9103

Elements of Light Montana_5887Elements of Light Montana_5887 Elements of Light Montana_5888Elements of Light Montana_5888 Elements of Light Montana_5889Elements of Light Montana_5889 Elements of Light Montana_5891Elements of Light Montana_5891 Elements of Light Montana_5890Elements of Light Montana_5890 Elements of Light Montana_5894Elements of Light Montana_5894 Elements of Light Montana_5898Elements of Light Montana_5898 Elements of Light Montana_5895Elements of Light Montana_5895 Elements of Light Montana_5902Elements of Light Montana_5902 Elements of Light Montana_5901Elements of Light Montana_5901 Elements of Light Montana_5909Elements of Light Montana_5909 Elements of Light Montana_5906Elements of Light Montana_5906

Rich and Lisa - you two really know how to throw a party!  Thank you for letting me be part of it!

Elements of Light Montana_8674Elements of Light Montana_8674


Venue:  Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course

Catering:  Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course

Flowers:  Private Party

Photography:  Elements of Light Photography


Ashley Eiban(non-registered)
How beautiful!! Seriously you did a great job capturing their special day!
That last photos is everything! I love it!
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I love their story! Beautiful photos!
Love these photos! Their hashtag idea is so clever! :) The bride's dress is gorgeous, and I love the succulents in her bouquet! I can tell this is a fun couple from their pictures, and that they're not only in love, but they love to have fun together! Great job capturing the day!
Ella Sophie(non-registered)
So much happiness!! <3 <3 <3 also that succulent bouquet!
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