Elements of Light Photography | BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - The Beauty of Getting Ready

BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - The Beauty of Getting Ready

September 16, 2016  •  3 Comments

There are so many things I love about photographing weddings - ring shots, the excitement of a bride walking down the aisle, people who love each other getting together to celebrate with wine, food and dancing, and all the well thought out and beautiful details!  But I have to admit I get a special charge out of the getting ready photo opportunities.

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That time when a bride is surrounded by people who want the best for her and are working to present her as beautifully as possible.  Sometimes she does her own make up and hair, and sometimes she has a friend or hired stylist to help her.  It doesn't matter what the case, these moments when she is preparing to see her groom on that special day are incredibly ripe for photography!

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And there is always that extra special care taken for the mother-of-the-bride and the attendants.  The room becomes a-buzz as all involved are excited to see the special look of their friends and family.

Elements of Light MT-139_Elements of LightElements of Light MT-139_Elements of Light

Elements of Light MT-215_Elements of LightElements of Light MT-215_Elements of Light

These photos seem to lend themselves to black and white processing in a special way.  Perhaps it is the simplicity of the message:  how it is so important to make special preparations for this special life event.  Perhaps it is the intensity of the moment - so much anticipation and desire to get it all just right.  

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For whatever reason, the black and white photos of brides preparing for their big event strike a special cord with me!  I hope they do with you as well!

All the photos from this post are from a beautiful August 2016 wedding at The Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon just south of Bozeman, MT.  Make up and hair were done by friends of the bride.  The stunning dress was from Plumb Bridal in Bozeman, Montana.


These photos are stunning. I vividly remember getting ready the day of my wedding. The excitement, anticipation and overall joy. You captured it all wonderfully.
some images just scream from black and white!!! These are great!
Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro(non-registered)
I enjoyed reading your story, why you enjoy doing preparation photos and why you enjoy doing them in black and white. Nicely illustrated, too!
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