Elements of Light Photography | PHOTO WARDROBE TIP: Go with the flow!

PHOTO WARDROBE TIP: Go with the flow!

October 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Elements of Light Photography-4695Elements of Light Photography-4695

I'm interrupting an editing session to bring you this section of photos from the very gallery I was editing!  As I was looking at these photos all I could think was how great this wardrobe is for photographing.   These are from Addi's Senior Portrait session in Truckee, CA, and I'm in love with this outfit.  So Boho Fashion, so cute, so her - and also so perfect for photos!

Elements of Light Photography-4682Elements of Light Photography-4682

So, what make's Addi's outfit so perfect for her photo session?  Several things - 1.  It reflects her personality; 2. Look at all that texture (an element that is such a great match for my photographic style) and 3. It has flow and movement! 

Elements of Light Photography-4702Elements of Light Photography-4702

It is the flow I want to highlight today - the way the fringe moves with her and how the length of the sweater implies movement even when it is just draped down from her shoulders!  It suggests action!  It makes the photo so much more interesting, without distracting from Addi herself.  For me, and my photography style, that is perfection!

Elements of Light Photography-4676Elements of Light Photography-4676

When selecting your wardrobe for senior photos, family photos, engagment photos, or just a session for fun, remember to try to include one wardrobe element that will have a little action to it.  I promise it will pay off.

Elements of Light Photography-4672Elements of Light Photography-4672

So, what makes a good choice to incorporate movement into your wardrobe?  It can be so many things - a full skirt - short or long.  A poncho is great too.  Anything with fringe - even a tight well fitted jacket that happens to have a fringe element in it will do the trick.  A pair of extra long earrings can be great for this too.   If when you spin around it moves, you've got what you need!

Elements of Light Photography-4734Elements of Light Photography-4734

I hope this is helpful to you.  Also, remember, I'm a Montana Photographer, but I'm also a destination photographer - I will go all over the West to capture something beautiful for you!  This happens to be from the top of the Sierras in California.  I'm always up for a new location, a bit of an adventure and an experience that leads to fantastic photos!

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