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Elements of Light Photography-7548Elements of Light Photography-7548

I go to coffee with most of my senior portrait clients before we hit the field to do their photos.  Its a time to get on the same page about what message they want to send with their senior photos.  Usually we do it a week or two before the photoshoot, and this was no exception.  

I hadn't met her before, but was so impressed.  She was a tad worried her "wild hair" would be hard to manage - I promised it was an asset more than a challenge!  She made it clear she wasn't into a lot of make up - well you can see below, that was not an issue at all!  Her skin is stunning!  She wanted to reflect her quirky outdoor personality - I think we did that!  And, by the way, she's super smart!

I told her about my shoe thing, and she wore the best shoes - same shoes for each outfit, and it was perfect!  I suggested Hyalite Canyon and several locations I know there - she agreed.  I promised a flower crown, and she was thrilled!  We laughed as we planned, and laughed as we implemented!  Such a fun experience for both of us!

Look out world this girl is part of the Class of 2018, and she is going to get things done for you and be beautiful while doing it!

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More Class of 2018 blogs to come in the next weeks!  These kids from Bozeman High School, Petra Academy, Manhattan Christian School and homeschooling, plus a couple from California have just made me so happy this year!


Bob Silvera(non-registered)
Barbara you nailed it verbally and photographically about my terrific grand daughter. Be blessed.
Papa Bob
Barbara Pravetz(non-registered)
These pictures are wonderful! You captured her essence. What a beautiful young girl
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