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March 31, 2017  •  2 Comments

Earlier this week I put  a couple of messages on Facebook and Instagram that I had some free organic eggs because with it being spring time my chickens are laying like crazy and I got behind in using and giving them away.  A wonderful group of people got a couple dozen eggs each.  But one of them was someone I only knew through her Instagram page which showcases her paintings. 

Elements of light Montana_2582Elements of light Montana_2582

You see, I follow as many local artists as I can because I want to take their photos - portraits, sure, but what I'm really interested in is taking photos of them while they create art.  I love that, and I think it is beneficial to them to have photos that shows the work and talent and care that goes into their work.  Photos like that can help people to appreciate art even more, in my opinion.

Elements of Light MTwedding-9274_Elements of Light PhotographyElements of Light MTwedding-9274_Elements of Light Photography

Anyway, this beautiful petite little artist turns out to live within a few minutes of my home, so she came by to pick up her eggs.  And she gave me a whole new appreciation for my home and property.  

Elements of Light MT2-7961_Elements of Light instaElements of Light MT2-7961_Elements of Light insta

She flat out told me that she has "always wanted to paint" my barn.  In fact, she asked a neighbor about it some time ago because she thought it was on his property.  And as we walked around my property talking about how I would love to have her paint here, she pointed out so many things that she thought were worthy of quick studies and full paintings.

Elements of Light MT2-6758_Elements of LightElements of Light MT2-6758_Elements of Light

Now, I look out the window and see a whole new perspective on my property - a new appreciation for its beauty!

Elements of Light MT-13Elements of Light MT-13

And yes, she is going to come and do some plein air painting over the next few months, and I am going to take photos of her doing so!  

Elements of Light MT2-105744_Elements of Light instaElements of Light MT2-105744_Elements of Light insta

Even Maple and Frannie like the idea.  Life is good!


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Oh wow that's so amazing! And your place looks gorgeous :)
Love it! Can't wait to see her paintings! (And your photos)
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