Elements of Light Photography | BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Let's talk photographing tattoo dreams!

BLACK AND WHITE FRIDAY - Let's talk photographing tattoo dreams!

January 26, 2018  •  2 Comments

So, next week my son turns 18, and getting a tattoo is high on his priority list.  He's got a design all picked out that has meaning to him, and he's ready to go for it.  He even has a friend all lined up to go with him.  I'm super excited for him (and secretly plotting my own ink!).  Thank goodness Bozeman actually has some pretty good tattoo artists.

Elements of Light MT-5557Elements of Light MT-5557

You see, I love to photograph people with tattoos - couples or individuals, it doesn't matter to me.  It is a weird obsession of sorts, but I just love it!  Especially in black and white photography.

Elements of Light Photography-1621Elements of Light Photography-1621

Elements of Light_0341Elements of Light_0341

And brides with tattoos - amazing!  Weddings with tattoos are this photographer's dream!  The juxtaposition of wedding finery with the edgy raw honesty of a tattoo floats my boat!  And they are a whole lot of sexy too!

Elements of Light Photography-Elements of Light Photography- Elements of Light -2017-0649_Elements of Light PhotographyElements of Light -2017-0649_Elements of Light Photography

Elements of Light MT2-9301_Elements of Light WeddingElements of Light MT2-9301_Elements of Light Wedding 2016-01-31_05632016-01-31_0563

Tattoos say so much about people!

Elements of Light MT-9725Elements of Light MT-9725

If you have tattoos, I'd love to know the story behind your first one - just leave a comment with the story!  If you live in Bozeman, who is your favorite local tattoo artist?


My story about tattoos is I'm too afraid to get one but they are beautiful! I love the way you incorporate the art of their tattoo into the art of your photography. I'm sure as Bozeman Boudoir Photographer you create some incredibly beautiful and sexy images. Beautiful work!
Pretty sure that you know this story, but here you go.... my first tattoo is a set of Angel wings on my left shoulder. I got them the day I turned 18, as a birthday gift from Daniel Bowden. Angels have always been extra special for me, from my childhood nickname of The Flying Angel. After mummy passed, I decided that it was her turn to be my Angel, like I had been hers, so this tattoo symbolizes that connection for me.
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