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I can hardly stand it!  One dress from a great thrift store + a  fiery redhead with an amazing smile + her handsome, sweet, kind husband + a beautiful morning = the best way in the world to start a beautiful day.

Elements of Light MT-5630Elements of Light MT-5630 Elements of Light MT-5352Elements of Light MT-5352

Leanna and Kyle, married last September, laughing and talking and snuggling in the snow!  How did I get so lucky to photograph them this morning?  Couples photography is my absolute favorite!  I love creating an environment where two people in love can be themselves, interact and express their joy at being in each other's life!   This sneak peek of photos from less than 6 hours ago tickles my heart - and makes me want to do more and more and more couples!  Any volunteers?

Elements of Light MT-6473Elements of Light MT-6473 Elements of Light MT-6418Elements of Light MT-6418

So, for those of you who think you can't do a photo shoot because you don't have something to wear, and don't have the budget for both the shoot and the new clothes, let me tell you a secret:  That dress Leanna is wearing was $3.25 at Twice Treasured Thrift Store here in Bozeman - well, it was $6.50, but I got it when orange tags were 1/2 off, and it was an orange tag.  What does that mean for you?  

Elements of Light MT-6190Elements of Light MT-6190 Elements of Light MT-6172Elements of Light MT-6172

First, it means you can probably find something absolutely killer at a great thrift store like Twice Treasured, so go shopping, think creatively, with an open mind, and see what you might find.

Elements of Light MT-5343Elements of Light MT-5343


Second, that dress is part of my studio wardrobe, and there are others, so if you want something special to wear, lets see if we can't do something for you.

Elements of Light MT-Elements of Light MT- Elements of Light MT-5791Elements of Light MT-5791

Oh, and that fur shawl?  That's from my studio wardrobe too and also from a thrift store (although I can't remember which one)!  

Elements of Light MT-6322Elements of Light MT-6322

Elements of Light MT-5994Elements of Light MT-5994

The hair is all Leanna's, but her makeup was beautifully chosen and applied by Shayla at Beauty and the Belief.  You guys, Shayla is the best!  And Leanna makes her work look absolutely amazing!


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