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ELEMENTS OF LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY - Boudoir Sessions in Bozeman

January 31, 2018  •  5 Comments

So, let’s talk some more about Boudoir Photography.  If you missed my introduction to this subject a couple weeks back, go here and read up a bit on my “why” for this photography adventure - it is important to know where I come from so you can tell if I'm a match for you.

Today, let’s talk a bit about the process of Boudoir Photography for Elements of Light here in Bozeman (for sessions outside of the greater Bozeman area, I have a plan and will share it in the near future, so hang in there, or message me if you just can't wait and can't come to Bozeman).

Elements of Light MT-9259Elements of Light MT-9259


What does it look like for you to get your Boudoir session (in Bozeman) scheduled and executed?  It's actually pretty simple.  It starts with an email (you may use my contact page here) or a phone call to arrange a discussion of your vision and how we can implement it for you.  I will send you information about my packages, a questionnaire that tells me a bit about you and your goals, and some "how to prepare for your session" information.

Elements of Light MT-5557Elements of Light MT-5557


At that meeting we schedule, we will discuss everything from your questionnaire responses, to questions you might have about what it is like to do a session, to why you want a Boudoir Session, to what you want to get from the session (both your emotional/personal goals and what you want to do with the photos), to how to make your vision come true.  We can get excited about your wardrobe options, and how you want to do your hair and makeup!  All tons of fun!

Elements of Light MT-7984Elements of Light MT-7984



Then, we will find a date that works for all involved - that means your schedule, my schedule, and the hair and makeup artists schedule.  Yes, all of my packages include hair and makeup services (more on that below). 

I find it is usually best to do session in the first half of the day during weekdays, but that is not set in stone.   For privacy and convenience, week days tend to work out best.  You know, kids are at school (yours and mine), significant others are at work (again, yours and mine), and we have a quiet studio to work in.  Also, let’s face it, Bozeman is an active community, and trying to squeeze a photo shoot into a busy weekend is not the best - you want to be out with your family and friends enjoying Bozeman's many activities and opportunities. And on the day of your session you do not want to feel rushed or concerned about time.  Yes, I recognize this means you might be taking time away from your job, but really, it is an investment well worth it. 

Elements of Light MT-6803Elements of Light MT-6803


Once we have you scheduled, you will do all you need to get prepared -  Yes, it is kind of like homework, but better.  You know, things like waxing and shaving, shopping for the perfect lingerie items, preparing for the makeup and hair artistry.  Don't worry, it is all easy stuff you already know how to do, and I will give you a checklist so you don't forget anything.

Elements of Light MT-9521Elements of Light MT-9521



Depending on your package, your session will be between 1.5 and 3 hours in front of the camera.  But, you need more time for your session because 1.  My studio is south of Bozeman, and takes a bit to get to (usually 25 minutes from downtown Bozeman) and 2.  you will come an hour before your time in front of the camera to get pampered with a hair and makeup session. 

So, once you arrive at the studio, you'll be greeted with a relaxing beverage of your choice, and get right into your hair and makeup.  You'll feel like a queen, and relax while someone else takes care of the beauty details!  And let me tell you, I have the BEST of BOZEMAN for you when it comes to hair and makeup artists - to make sure we can cover your time frame, I have several that I work with, and they are all amazing!

While you’re getting all pampered, we'll talk a little about the outfits you selected, and the order you want to use them.  

Then, we'll get started.  This is where we start to have some fun.  It is also where you are most likely to get nervous.  Don't worry, I've got you covered.  I have the poses all worked out, and not only will I tell you what you need to do, I will show you - wpn't ask you to do anything I can't do myself.  The posing makes all the difference in the photos, so I will be specific and careful to make sure all the poses we use are best for you, your body type, and highlight the great things about you (and I will know what those are because we met together before the session).

We'll spend your time wisely in the studio, which will have two or three different background vignettes prepare for you.  You will also have the option to use a small space in the barn prepared for some great dramatic lighting, or even some time outdoors in several private spots on the property

When your boudoir photography session is complete, you'll be on your way looking absolutely stunning - remember, you have your hair and makeup professionally done.  So, give yourself a treat and meet your best girlfriend for lunch or coffee in Bozeman and share all about your experience!  Better yet, have a special date with your love all lined up and make the most of your beautiful look.

Elements of Light -2017-0649_Elements of Light PhotographyElements of Light -2017-0649_Elements of Light Photography


After we have all of your photos in the "can" it is time for you to wait - while I work some more.  In 10-14 days I'll be ready to show you your photos.  We'll meet up at my studio again, and you will have a look at your beautiful work and select the files you want to use and keep!  During that time together, you will pick the photos for your book.  Yes, a book of some sort comes with every session because. . .  well because you are going to want a way to keep these photos presentable and accessible. And we'll also get your print selections made.

After that it is time for another short wait - probably less than 2 weeks - and the next time we meet up it will be to deliver your photography products - books and prints!  The best part of the whole process is always seeing the results of our work together, and I have never had this not be a phenomenal moment of excitement and reward!

Elements of Light MT-6894Elements of Light MT-6894


From first contact to delivery of book(s) and prints, you are looking at 6-8 weeks depending on our schedules.  If you need an expedited schedule, that can be arranged.

Whew!  I'm excited just typing all of that out!  It is an amazing process that I absolutely love!  

If you aren't in Bozeman, that doesn't mean we can't make your Boudoir Photography session happen.  It will just involve a few tweaks to the process and we'll get it all done!   I'll tell you more about that in my next blog!  Sorry to make you wait, but this one is already long enough!


Love the detailed explanation of your boudoir photo session process. A top notch Bozeman boudoir photographer!
Wow! Bozeman doesn’t know how fortunate they are to have a photographer like you! These boudoir images are stunning!
I have been admiring your work for so long now! You are so talented at what you do Susan. When I'll be searching for a Bozeman Boudoir Photographer, I'll be calling YOU!
My wife and I recently moved to Bozeman and are looking for a Boudoir photographer. We talked about getting these done after the wedding last year but the move put it off. I love your breakdown here!
This is excellent I going to start planning my trip to Bozeman for the best boudoir photographer around!
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