Elements of Light Photography | 2019 SENIORS - Time to Start Your Planning!

2019 SENIORS - Time to Start Your Planning!

February 08, 2018  •  5 Comments

Hello and welcome to the adventure of Senior Portraits. Yes, Class of 2019 it is time to start your planning!  I've got a free planning guide available for you - leave a comment below that you want one, and be sure to put your email address in when requested (no one but me will see the email address).  But I also want to use this space to help you get excited about the possibilities for your photos. 

Here are half a dozen ideas to get you started on thinking about what you want for your portraits.  


1.  Climb a Mountain or at least look like you did:

Ice Climbing, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, ATV fun, and so much more; living in Bozeman means living near the mountains where these activities happen.  And if they are your passion, then we can incorporate them into your photos! 


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2.  Dance your way through life and your Senior Photos

Are you a dancer - hip hop, ballet, swing dancing?  These can all be incorporated into your senior photos - from the way you dress (vintage for the swing dancer, tutus and other wonderful flowing things for the ballet), to showing off your moves for the camera, we can make it happen.  I know for a fact most of our dance studios in Bozeman are willing to let us in for a  senior photo session.  Even some of the local stages are more than willing for you to do your photos there.  If you don't have the connections to those places, don't worry, I have my sources.

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3.  Let your inner artist emerge:

Pottery to painting, singing to story telling, acting, wood working, metal arts, music, jewelry making, all of these artistic activities and many more can be integrated into your Senior Photo Session!  The Gallatin Valley has an art scene that is worth of celebrating, and showing the world, and that it is welcoming to young people.  Embrace your love of art - it is a great way to present unique and expressive Senior Photos.

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4.  Highlight your athletic skills and accomplishments:

Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, Three Forks - they all have fantastic and exciting sports teams and athletic activities.  If your passions run towards sports, we can show the world how wonderful you are!  Basket Ball, Baseball, Football, yoga, tennis, golf, skiing, it is all something that can be expressed in your photos.

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Elements of Light_0316Elements of Light_0316

5.  Bring in your favorite pet:

Yes, having your pets around is a wonderful way to express yourself and what is important to you.  Dogs, cats, goats, sheep, horses, lizzards, alpacas or even snakes (yes, I will even find a way to make it work with snakes)!

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6.  Create your dream shoot:

Have you always wanted to do a photo shoot that is special - something that doesn't happen in your every day, but is an absolute perfect expression of yourself?  Lets do it!  Your Senior Photo Session is a great time to let your creativity come out! There are so many ways to make that happen.  

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Whatever the idea you have, whether you live in Bozeman, or somewhere around the West, we can make your Senior Photo session meet your dreams!



Valerie Lewis(non-registered)
Could I get a senior portrait planning guide?
These are really beautiful! We might be traveling through Bozeman this Summer - maybe we will get you to do my daughter’s senior portraits. You’re an amazing photographer!
This blog is so informative and I love the beautiful demonstration pictures! You are the best senior photographer Bozeman has to offer!
Edina Clagett(non-registered)
WOW! Your work is incredible! I have no doubt that you are the best Senior Photographer in Bozeman!
Your senior photos are very inspirational!
Bozeman Senior Photographer
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