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Photography is an opportunity to tell a story - your story, the story of a special relationship, and a story of time and place.  It is a deeply personal process, which means we have to do a little getting to know each other so I can capture photos that show what is special about you even if we just met.  That doesn't mean an interrogation, but more of an on going conversation that starts from the first time you contact me and continues even after your photos are delivered.   Elements of Light-7257Elements of Light-7257

I want our photographs to show that which is unique about you.  Sometimes that is the look on your face everyone in your family will recognize and say "oh you captured the essence" of that person.  Other times it is photographing something meaningful to you, that maybe not everyone will understand, but you will look at the photo and it will evoke a memory and a sense of being known.  And with groups (families, lovers, friends, co-workers) it is an opportunity to see the relationship between you.  This takes a little time and effort on both our parts, but the results are one hundred percent worth it!

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If this all sounds intimidating, don't worry.  My clients often go in a bit nervous (I mean, very few people are instantly comfortable with a camera pointed at them and a relative stranger giving them directions).  But, we get about 20 minutes into our time together and suddenly you will realize it is a process you can enjoy and interacting with the camera will begin to feel almost natural.