the boudoir experience


so you want to do A Boudoir Session . . . .

Before we go any further, I want to share my vision and approach to what is commonly known as "Boudoir Photography."  My vision is to create an intimate look into you and who you are - to allow you to be feel known and understood.   This experience is designed to empower you to feel confident and comfortable with yourself, creating a sense of beauty in who you are today.  No matter where you are in life, no matter what roles you play, no matter the battles you fight to feel good about yourself - I want to produce photos that allow you to see that you are exceptional.  

Often boudoir photos are produced in the context of men - photos as a gift for a man, photos that reflect what a woman thinks her man wants to see, and/or photos designed to entice a man.  All of these are legitimate reasons to do intimate beauty portraits. After all, our relationships with our lovers/spouses is a huge part of our lives, and a source of great joy and fulfillment.  But, I want to help you see the whole person you are. To have personal photos that express yourself and your sexuality just because you are you.   A woman should feel empowered to have an intimate portrait session whether she is in a relationship or not.

These photo sessions are always a work in progress - each woman will bring who she is to the studio and have an impact on the approach and vision of the session.  I want you to have that freedom.  I promise to bring my best skills, my open mind, and my ability to direct and pose you in a way that allows you to be comfortable and expressive of your true self.

Many of my boudoir packages come with hair and make-up services.  This allows you to feel the best about your look.  The artists I work with will listen to your vision and create a look that reflects the real you.  You will be part of that process - both in communicating what you envision prior to the session, and in the communication about your look.