About the photographer


Hello, I’m Susan Beth, and it is Good to Meet you!

On a day when you are naturally the center of attention I’m there to help you capture the memories of a lifetime.

Your wedding day is for you to experience fully the celebration of your love. My role is to make sure that when you look back on your wedding day you will feel like you are transported in time. Your photos will help you remember the excitement and joy of your love for one anonther, as well as the kindness of your friends and family who were there to support you.

When you step in front of my camera for a boudoir session, you experience a strong confident feminity that will stay with you forever. Your celebration of you is a gift I am so happy to be part of helping you give yourself.


my story

I took the long way around to professional photographer status. But it pays off well for you.

I was a social worker, an attorney, a development director, and an office manager - and I think I sold some shoes and lingerie along the way. Through all that I took photos of anything and everything I could. I don’t really know how to live life without capturing moments in photos.

All of my prior professions taught me how to read people, observe what needs to be done, and implement the plan for the best result. I’m a planner and problem solver by nature, and that serves you well on your wedding day.

I’m also a tad bit quirky as my husband and son will be happy to tell you. But I’m also friendly and all in for you. I get excited about new people, new places and new experiences. My heart’s desire is to make beautiful photos that others will enjoy - that is how I am wired to serve people.

Nothing excites me more than being invited to take photos of people at their most beautiful - and wedding and boudoir sessions are always a thing of beauty! It is an honor and a privilege that I take seriously!