You want to run your finger across the pages of your wedding album, touching the faces of those you love and know that all those people and moments are documented for a lifetime.

You want a stress free plan for wedding photos that assures all the special moments and relationships are captured.

You want a stunning collection of portraits that highlight the excitement, joy and love you have for each other.

You want poses that are natural to who you are, and a photography schedule that lets you spend time with your guests on the most important day of your life.

You want photography that you will love for a lifetime!

Step 1

When you reach out and request a consultation, (and I hope you do), I will get back to you within 24 hours to set up a time for us to meet, whether in person or through the use of technology if you live far away.

At that consultation we will get to know each other a little, answer questions, and set up a wedding photography package that meets your heart’s desire.




step 2

At your engagement session we have the opportunity to work together without the pressure of it being your wedding day. We find the poses that work for your relationship. I learn how you express yourselves best and what prompts will bring out those special moments that only the two of you can produce.

All of this so that on the day of your wedding we are at ease with each other and work together comfortably and smoothly.

 step 3

Throughout the time between the initial consultation and your wedding day we will stay in contact. Questions will be asked, coordination will be done, vendors’ needs will be taken into account.

We will put together a schedule for your day that takes into account all the things you want to happen and makes it easy to get the photos while allowing you to have a great time and enjoy the celebration of your love.

These communications will lead to a day that runs smoothly and allows the photos to reflect your joy.


step 4

On your wedding day I will arrive early to capture your details before the events of the day begin to happen. You can relax! I will handle the things that come up, coordinate with vendors, and help you get all the photos we talked about.

I will pay attention to all the activities, capturing the moments of love, joy, laughter and excitement. We will get you out for your sunset photos, capture the dancing as it shakes up the night, and run your family and bridal party formal photos in a quick, efficient and friendly manner.


 step 5

Enjoy your photos the day after the wedding through a quick sneak peek. Then 4 - 6 weeks later your online gallery will load, and you will have the opportunity to pick the photos for your album and other prints.

Once those products arrive it is time for you to love your photos for the rest of your life!



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